Woman Steps Up to Help Homeless Man Who Needed Immediate Help

Cole Damon October 5th 2017 Inspiration
Ginger Sprouse would drive past 32 year old Victor Hubbard at least four times a day for over three years. The homeless man would always stand on one corner politely exchanging pleasantries with strangers and restlessly pacing back and forth - when she learnt the truth about why the mentally challenged man would persist with his strange behavior, Ginger decided to do something positive about his desperate situation.
Why Victor would stand on the corner every day
Mr Hubbard saw his mother for the very last time on the corner of El Camino Real and Nasa Road. Suffering from mental issues, Hubbard believes if he stood on the corner, his mother would finally find him. "I love her like no other." Says Mr Hubbard.
So Ms Sprouse decided to approach Hubbard
She would regularly visit Hubbard on her lunch break and the two eventually developed a deep friendship - an unspoken bond. So one day she offered him to stay at her place. "So he and I started talking about maybe how would he feel about sometimes coming to my house."
Bad weather was approaching
The cold can cripple people who don't have a roof over their head, and so the kind hearted Sprouse family decided to take Mr Hubbard in - at least until the bad weather was over. The arrangement turned out to be a permanent fixture however.
She set up a Facebook page for Hubbard
The Facebook page "This is Victor" was created so that the local community would get to know a little more about Mr Victor. This way, more people will start helping him get the help he needed. Today, the Facebook page has more than 60,000 likes.
The first Facebook post
The very first Facebook post read, "I drove by Victor's corner at least four times a day. I listen to people talking around town and keep hearing, 'Someone needs to help that guy." Ms Sprouse decided to be that 'guy'.
The call to action
Ms Sprouse managed to get Victor into health clinics, got him a roof over his head and even gave him a job in her business's kitchen. She also set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for his living costs.
Help started pouring in
When a Facebook page has 60,000+ likes (and counting), help is bound to arrive. The GoFundMe campaign eventually saw more than $15,000 pouring in from sympathetic hearts. Around 200 people also showed up at a recently held party to show their solidarity for Victor.
The merchandise arrives
The community helped Hubbard get clothes, eye tests, medical attention and practically guaranteed his overall wellbeing. The only thing to strike off the to-do list is to get Hubbard a permanent place to stay. One needs only look at the Facebook page to realize the impact Mr. Hubbard has over his 'fans'.
Hubbard even got to meet his mother
A popular Facebook page has far reaches, and Ms Sprouse used its power and fame to finally get in touch with one of Mr. Hubbard's family members, which eventually helped him meet his mother again. Turns out waiting on the corner of the street was never going to work.
She only lived 2 miles away
His mother, not surprisingly, did not appreciate the fact that their story got blown up so out of proportion and into the limelight. All this attention will bring negativity towards the woman who chose to ignore her son just because he's afflicted with mental illness.
The roof over Hubbard's head
Before the internet can collect the fortunes to get a permanent place of dwelling for Mr. Hubbard, Ms. Sprouse and her husband have taken Hubbard into their family home full time. "It's a life time commitment." Acknowledges Ms. Sprouse.
Hubbard thanks Ms. Sprouse for her generosity
Despite his mental illness, Mr. Hubbard recognizes the fact that he was helped by Ms. Sprouse, and that his life has been practically turned around through sheer will and determination. "She helped me. It's like grace." Says Mr. Hubbard.
Victor can actually pull his own weight
Victor however is no dead weight. It turns out the homeless man is a talented cook and an inspirational friend. He has helped her business flourish with his cooking skills. In hindsight, Ms. Sprouse didn't stand to lose at all from helping the man out.
Giving your two cents
It is important to help out the homeless in whatever capacity we can. Perhaps they're dealing with mental problems or other issues which aren't their faults. Simply giving them your two cents is not going to alleviate their situation at all.
Homeless people in the US
Homelessness in the United States is a real problem and is seen to be on the rise. In fact, more than 1.56 million people, or about 0.5% of the population has used a housing program to get a roof over their head. The onus falls on us to help them - let's start giving back to the community.
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