15 Amazing Photos That Require A Second Look To Understand

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Ray Porter October 5th 2017 Humor
Sometimes a photograph doesn't manage to tell the full story, and can create a false perception of reality. Sometimes this can be really funny, especially when an optical illusion is created by two objects within the image lining up perfectly to create something absurd or ridiculous. The photos that we've rounded up here in this list require a second look to understand, and are really funny once you understand what's really happening in them.
Once You See It
This photo is fascinating, at first it looks like someone who is impossibly flexible, when in reality it is one woman doing yoga, and another woman's neck in the background making it look like she is some kind of mutant.
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
This hilarious photo defies context. Whatever is going on here, it made for a great photo, and it is very hard to piece together what must have fallen into place for this photograph to occur. Must have been an embarrassing thing for her to see online!
They Grow Up So Quickly
While it might look like this child has the weird head of an adult, it is actually just your mind playing tricks on you. Look at the photo for a bit longer and you'll see that things aren't always exactly as they seem.
I'm So Hungry I Could Eat A....
This guy is so hungry that he could eat a giraffe--or at least that is what this photo would have believe. In reality, it was taken at the absolute perfect time to make for a hilarious, sharing image that took the internet by storm.
This photo takes quite a few looks to understand. It took us quite a while to figure out what is going here, but involves certain ligaments being placed in the exact right place to create this foot and arm illusion.
Ride 'Em
This photo is one of those photos that will make you think differently at some point. Once it 'clicks' it looks like the guy in the background is tiny and riding on the back of the woman in the photograph. Hilarious!
This Takes a Long Time
No matter how smart you might think you are, this photograph takes a long, long time to figure out. It looks like this man's head is on this woman's body, but in reality her head is tucked behind his and he is sitting down while she stands over him.
Magic Mirror on the Wall...
This bartender seems to have skipped leg day and decided to wear a skirt. That's what the reflection in this photograph would like you to believe anyway. In reality, the woman in the blue dress is standing behind the counter, and the counter's reflective surface has created this funny illusion.
Body Swap
This couple was so in love that they decided to swap torsos. After all, what other explanation could there be. Imagine getting your photo back to realize you've created this illusion--it would be the perfect combination of funny and disappointing.
Heads Will Roll
This photo still takes me by surprise whenever I look at it again. It is very hard to figure out which head belongs to which body, and it looks like the guy in red is stretching the guy in blue's head right off of his body.
An Extra Leg
Would three legs be practical if they all functioned the way they are supposed to? We may never know, but what we do know is that this hilarious illusion takes a while to figure out that things aren't how they appear to be.
This photo is more terrifying than hilarious. This cat-creature is definitely out for blood, and two heads are much, much scarier than one. If I saw this thing, I wouldn't take the time to try to figure out what the optical illusion is--I would just run.
An Interesting Hat
This woman's beanie picked up more than a few looks in this image, because it looks like it is carrying the entire body of the woman behind the person wearing it. It takes a while to differentiate the shirt of the woman in the background with the woman in the foreground hat.
Split Ends
This photo takes the concept of split ends to a whole new level. This woman's hair part lined up perfectly with the split in the field in front of her, creating for an undeniably cool photograph, and must have taken some real photography chops to pull off!
Speaking Of Awesome Photos...
This one is just as cool as the last, and is definitely a deliberate attempt on the part of the photographer to create a seriously memorable image. It looks like this woman is fading, or blending, into the ocean and it is really cool to see.


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