This Man Will Pay You $180M To Marry His Daughter, But Here's The Catch

Would you?
Gigi Cummings October 5th 2017 Weird
Some people have it all, the life of luxury, cars, planes, diamonds, anything they want. And yet there is always something everyone wants that money cant buy. Chinese billionaire Cecil Chao, who made is fortune in luxury real-estate and property development in Hong Kong would love nothing more in life than his darling daughter to get married to the man of her dreams. But Chao's dream will never come true because his only daughter is a lesbian. So Chao is trying to come up with a plan to use his millions to pay a man to "turn" his daughter into a straight female, and he is paying a hefty fee.
The Shocking News
In 2012 Cecil Chao made headlines in the media with his shocking proposal, he was going to pay some man million upon millions of dollars to marry his daughter if that man is successful at turning his lesbian daughter into a straight woman.
The Dowry
With his original proposal, Chao was offering $60 million to the magic man, then in 2014 he upped the payment to $120 million and finally he topped off the offer at a mere $180 million dollars to the lucky fella who could deliver what Chao wanted
His Daughters Response
Cecil Chao's daughter, Gigi, was not very thrilled about the proposal, knowing very well who she was and being confident in herself as a lesbian, she was not necessarily jumping for joy when she heard of her fathers proposal.
Gigi's Refusal
Gigi has been in a happy and loving relationship with her partner for years now and as an act of defiance against her fathers proposal she and her partner made a public appearance and Gigi refused the offer publicly to the media.
Her Letter To Her Father
Gigi was so distraught at her fathers offer to pay someone to "turn her straight" that she wrote her father a very touching letter talking about this whole situation. The letter eventually went public, ending up in the hands of the media.
Treated With Honor
In the letter that Gigi had written her father about the whole situation she talked about her partner, Sean Eav, and how should wants her father to treat her and their relationship "with respect as dignified human beings" which is a very important thing in a Chinese household.
Father And Daughter
Gigi opened her heart in this letter to her father saying, "As your daughter I want nothing more than to make you happy, but in terms of relationships, you expectations of me and the reality of who I am, are not coherent."
Her Fathers Reaction
Chao was not pleased with Gigi's public response to her proposal, being a very wealthy man who can have anything he wanted in life, he was not willing to back down with getting his way, he found his daughters response unreasonable.
Old Fashioned Ideas
Chao, who was known publicly for being with hundreds of women in his lifetime, is a conservative man who believes in specific traditional gender roles and whose ideas about how things should be in a marriage are very strict and not progressive.
His Way Or The Highway
At 77 years old, Chao is not likely to change his point of view on the matter. So his relationship with his daughter is strained and at a stand still because he is not willing to accept who she is, and she is not going to give into what her father wants.
A Father Gives In
After years of begging and pleading to his only daughter Gigi to give him the only thing that money can't buy, Chao eventually gave into the fact his daughter was not going to budge, and he took the proposal off the table, knowing he was not going to win this one.
Coming To Terms With Reality
In public interviews since Chao took the $180 million off the table, he states that while he doesn't agree with his daughters way of life, he has come to respect it and will continue to be her loving father and respect her wishes to be with her partner.
A Daughters Happiness
For Gigi, who has spent years in the public eye tirelessly standing up to her fathers egregious attempts to change who she is at the core of her person, she is relieved that this is all finally over and she can get back to her life with the love of her life.
Separate Lives
Although Chao has publicly taken his offer off of the table, that does not mean he is welcoming Gigi's partner into his life with open arms. Sadly the father and daughter lead completely different lives and Chao has chosen his stubborn way of thinking over being a part of his daughters happiness.
Tradition Runs Deep
It is not surprising that Chao was hopeful for his daughter to change her mind and honor her fathers wishes. In Chinese culture, respect and family honor are very important in Chinese household, especially honoring the elders. But Gigi stood her ground and fought for the life she knew she deserved.


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