15 Characteristics a Man Wants In a Woman Before Proposing

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Ian Anglin January 11th 2018 Lifestyle
There is a bad stereotype in our society, that makes people believe that men only value a woman's outer appearance. The truth is that guys love girls because of a multitude of reasons, which this article is going to explain. For starters, a girl's intelligence, personality, charisma, and character are equally, if not even more important than how a girl looks. While looks can pass with age, how a woman behaves is much more valuable and interesting in the long run.
Her Intelligence
When the time to start a serious relationship is near, most guys will start to value a girl's intelligence more than her looks. The above photo explains that phenomenon - while immature girls just think about taking selfies, a more mature woman would turn off the sound when she is in the theater.
Sense of Humor
While most movies depict the importance of a guy's sense of humor the truth is that being funny and able to take things lightly is equally important in both men and women. To that end, a woman's sense of humor is one of the 15 most important aspects of every girl.
Her Fidelity
While there are some experts that want to discuss how humans are not naturally born monogamous, the fact of the matter is that most people in the world don't like to be cheated on or to have to share their partner with other people. Some things never change.
High Self-Confidence
Another important factor that all girls that want to be in a happy relationship should have, is a high amount of self-confidence. Confidence is one of those things that most people have to "fake it until they make it," so you should follow that advice if you are lacking in the self-confidence department.
Being Kind to Other People
The above photo does a good job at describing how important kindness is in interpersonal relationships. In the first part of the photo, the woman falls on the ice, and the other people say she deserved it. In the other part of the photo, the people show solidarity with the woman that fell down.
Being Empathetic
Empathy is commonly referred to as a more feminine character trait, although in reality both men and women should have a high degree of empathy if they are psychologically healthy. If your partner is not empathetic, then how can she help you out when you are sad or depressed?
Being There for Her Partner
Another important quality in every relationship that the girl should have (just like the male partner should as well), is the ability to be present and to be ready to listen to her partner. Everyone can talk, but people especially appreciate a good listener.
Keeping Her Independence
A lot of people think that just because they are in a relationship, that they should lose all of their independence, and even become co-dependent on their partner. The truth is, even if you are married, you should still have the freedom to do what you want.
Keeping Things Simple
At the end of the day, a lot of people value simplicity in their lives. Simplicity does not mean being simple-minded or anything like that - it means making the necessary effort to keep things as simple and elegant as possible.
Being Direct While Arguing
A lot of guys it when the girl they are dating cannot be direct with them. Although it is understandable that most girls don't like conflict and can sometimes have contradicting emotions about things, guys are still going to appreciate a girl that can be direct with them.
All guys like and appreciate a girl that can be open-minded. Open-mindedness doesn't have to just about sexual experimentation - it is entirely understandable that you might not want to experiment sexually, but you can make up for that by being open about having other types of adventures.
Knows Herself
Most people need to be independent before they enter a serious relationship. The reason for that is that if a person doesn't yet fully know himself, then how is he or she going to able to date another person, and even be able to raise kids?
Being Able to Freely Express Herself
Feeling emotions and having a deep conversation are two entirely different things. That is why people that can feel a lot of emotions, but still know how to channel these properly without being aggressive is such a positive aspect of any relationship.
Being Down to Earth
Today, with the rise of social media, more and more people are living normal middle-class lifestyles, while showing an entirely different personality online. That can make some people appear as "snobs" - in other words, the opposite of being "down to earth."
Creativity and Passion
The point of life is not to just get up in the morning, do your hours and sleep. We are all here to look and accomplish a purpose. The most attractive people in the world are those that have a mission and a drive that guides them throughout life.


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