Only Gifted People Can Perform These Rare Tricks With Their Body

Can you do the thumb trick?
Ray Porter October 5th 2017 Entertainment
We all know some people that can't whistle or click, or people who are born with genetic modifications like webbed feet that make them better swimmers, but here is a list of things that most people can't do! If you can do any of the things on this list, you are one of a few, and have been born with a strange, although kind of useless, talent! But hey, at least you can show off!
Wiggle Your Ears
While some people might believe that only animals, such as our pets, can wiggle their ears, that actually isn't true. Some people are born with muscles in their ears that are stronger than usual, and allow them to wiggle their ears.
Touch Your Tongue With Your Nose
This one is pretty difficult, and only 1/10th of people are able to do this trick. The trick involves touching your nose with your tongue--sounds easy, right? When you try it you might find that it is not as easy as it sounds, or you might find that you're one of the gifted few who can.
Touch Your Elbow With Your Tongue
This one is even more difficult than the previous entry. Most of us have tried this at some point, but he fact is that it is almost impossible. There are very few people who can do this, and when they do they are very quick to brag about it,
Raise One of Your Eyebrows
This one is harder than it sounds. It seems easy, but most of us don't have the muscle above our eyes to contract our individual eyebrows and raise one higher than the other like a sitcom character in order to show our disbelief.
Bend Your Thumb
For most of us, our thumbs are not as easy to bend as other primates. Bending our thumbs forward can be hard enough, but bending them backwards can make them close to breaking. Some people, however, are born able to bend their thumb back.
Have Your Eyes Open When You Sneeze
Don't try this one. There are hundreds of myths about people's eyes bursting out and similar consequences, and while those might not be true, it almost definitely isn't good for you to keep your eyes open when you sneeze, and it is very difficult to do.
Being Able to Tickle Yourself
Even for those of us who are very, very ticklish, we are usually immune to tickling ourselves. We might fall over laughing at the hands of others, and feel next to nothing when we use our own hands. Some people, however, are able to tickle themselves.
Putting Your Fist in Your Mouth
There's an expression about putting your foot in your mouth which serves to show how impossibly badly you've screwed up speaking, but what about putting your fist in your mouth? Well, this is a talent that some people can actually do, although it is pretty difficult.
Tongue tricks
Some people can do various tricks with their tongues that we're probably used to seeing. It isn't that uncommon, but it can still be a pretty cool party trick. Especially if you can do some of the rarer tricks with your tongue that most people can't.
Being Able to Eat Spoons of Cinnamon
This one is not worth trying, and you can find hundreds of videos on Youtube of people experiencing great discomfort trying this. Basically, most people can not consume this much raw cinnamon at once, and will experience violent fits of coughing.
Gleeking is a strange term that refers to launching saliva from the submandibular gland by first holding it down with the face of your tongue, stimulating the salivary glands in order to produce a stream of saliva. This is both gross and difficult to pull off.
Write '6' while moving your foot in the other direction
Another one that sounds much easier than it is, as it is very difficult to multitask in this specific way. It involves lifting your right foot off the floor and using it to make clockwise circles, while drawing the number 6 at the same time.
Pat Your Head and Rub Your Stomach
This is one of the first tricks most of us try, and it can be pretty difficult. It is definitely more possible for the ordinary person than most of the entries on this list, but it can still be pretty hard to do.
Speed Reading
Only a small fraction of people are able to speed read and still retain information. While we might able to read very quickly, most participants are unable to describe details of what they have read when reading at extremely fast speeds.
Whatever This Guy Is Doing
We have all heard of being double-jointed, but this is ridiculous. All of these types of tricks are kind of rare though. If you can dislocate your joints, or bend your hand backwards safely without breaking it, you may have hypermobility.


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