The Fundamental Differences Between Men and Women That You Need to Know About

*True story*
Ian Anglin October 5th 2017 Lifestyle
Before I begin writing this elaborate essay, I would like to have a quick word with you, dear reader. I know this is probably not the first time you are going to be reading an article about this topic - how do I know this? I know this because people are creatures of habit, and if we do something once, we tend to do it again. People searching about relationship advice, or learning about the other sex are going to be doing this a lot. My sincere hope is that this article is going to strike a chord with you, and maybe finally give you the advice you are seeking.
Women Do the Choosing
If you have ever read men's fashion advice, you will notice we are always thought what to do properly in order to attract the fairer sex. This advice can be so limiting, that sometimes even the position one sits can easily be a deal-breaker.
The Pareto Principle of Divorce Rates
Few people know that in some regions, almost 80% of all divorces were initiated by women. This is inexplicable proof that although some men can be hard to catch (this also depends on the guy's age), we usually do not like to let go off things.
Mutual Respect is a Prerequisite
Although there are many differences between men and women, a core factor that determines if a couple is going to reach old age together is if they respect each other - and by respect I mean, equal, mutual respect.
Less Sexual Partners Means Higher Marital Happiness
A recent study, for which I'm sad to say I've lost the link to, had proved that the less sexual partners a person has, the higher their marital happiness - but this does not just include happiness in isolation - it also means a long and steady marriage.
Are Women Bad Drivers?
There is an old myth in some circles that women are worse drivers than men. Obviously, this is completely wrong, as today over 50% of all drivers are in fact women, and the number of fatalities has slowly declined.
The age of Puberty
Women are usually more mature than men, in part because they start puberty several years before the boys do. This gap is most obvious in the 12 to 16 years age range, which is a time when boys usually lack behind the girls in the class.
Humor is Attractive
When asked in a recent study what they find most attractive in men, the number one answer was "Humor.". This may be in part why guys are usually the ones trying to be funny and make everyone in their circle of friends laugh.
Men Care too Much How Women Look
Unfortunately, this is true - guys care much more how a girl looks like, then the other way around. This is in part why the makeup industry is a multi-billion dollar business today and shows no sign of possible decline in the near future.
Men Laugh When They Find Something Funny - Women Laugh When It is Appropriate
This is one really strikes a chord with me - us guys don't really care how and when we laugh. Women are usually more reserved and give a smile even when they are unhappy if that is what is required from them. Good thing is that this is slowly changing.
Women Are More Into Relationships
The above photo is really funny in that it exactly depicts how boys and girls react when they find out that their partner has started a relationship - girls are usually encouraging, while the boys usually start ribbing their now "taken" friend.
Organizational Structure
Is this true? Is the above photo really how a girl's desktop looks like? Do write and tell me if it true. Also, very weird to see that people are still using Windows XP, that this is less safe an AIDS patient in Seattle.
It Goes Both Ways
When it comes to food and stockpiling, women take the upper hand from the guys. While men just care about beers and a few sauces to be used with their burgers, women care more about their waistline and thus invest more time in their food shopping.
It Gets the Job Done
Men are practical creatures. We just want to get up in the morning, go do work, earn our $60 hourly wage doing stuff, and get home again. Oops - did I write $60 hourly rate? Don't you make that much? Um, I guess I'm sorry?
We Like Our Cars Sharp
Indeed, what we lack in the bedroom (pun intended), we make up in our vehicles. A bloke's car is his pride and joy, while women usually use their cars like a microwave or even - just to get from point A t point B. That is no way to live.
Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness
Girls really love stockpiling on various different fragrances and shampoos. I should know - last month my girlfriend spend the last of my paycheck to buy ANOTHER shampoo even though she already had more left in the bottle at home.


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