Unwieldy Large Spider Traps a Snake, What Follows Is All of Your Nightmares Coming True

Ian Anglin October 5th 2017 Weird
Today I have to present you the story of Jamii-Leigh Marwick's son Eamon, who was pretty excited to find a brown snake and red back spider go at it - yes - the spider literally started a fight with the much larger and more vicious snake. I don't have the final results of this street-style brawl, but do list through the picture below and find out more - I promise the results are going to be worth it - if not, then at least you won't be having the types of night makes I imagine you're going to have.
The Snake was Caught Dangling in the Spider's Web
I'm not sure why the snake thought this was a good idea, but it went all in and entangled itself in the spider's web. Since this was a younger and not fully grown snake, it didn't have an easy time getting out of the web.
Marwick Thought about Freeing the Snake
The author of the video, Marwich, did think about freeing the snake from this mess - but staying true to how shows are produced on Animal Planet (notice how they never save the animals in need?), we left it to its own devices.
It Traps the Victim in the Web
The red back spider first catches the victim by squirting large amounts of the web through its abdomen - this is done in order to immobilize the victim so that it can more easily transition to the second, the more deadly phase of its attack.
There are NO Survivors
Quite the dramatic ending here - I'm sure you didn't expect the story to end like this - in fact, the snake defeated the spider, but Marwick accidentally dropped the jar he was using to trap it on its head, therefore ending the snake's life.
Are there Deadlier Spiders?
If you are wondering whether there are spiders that could have defeated the snake - the answer is perhaps. Check out the list below for full details on all other potential opponents - including the above pictures Yellow Sac spider.
The False Widow Spider
This spider first appeared on the new continent through shipments of fruit coming from England. It was never native to North and South America, but due to its deadly venom, it quickly found its spot in the new environment.
Brown Recluse Spider
Just because this spider has "Recluse" in the name, do not think it cannot just jump out and bite you. All spiders are inherent "introverts," in the sense that they are loners, but do not think they will not stand their ground.
The Red Back Returns
Indeed, this is the very same species that appeared in the beginning of this article - the Red Back Spider. Here we can see him trapping and try to defeat a lizard that is easily over five times his size - talk about ambition!
Brazilian Wandering Spider
This above photo depicts the Brazilian Wandering Spider, which gets its name due to its natural habitat - the Brazilian (and Amazonian) jungle. They are mostly native to Latin America, so I think we should be safe- for now.
The Actual Black Widow
In comparison to the above listed False Black widow spider, this is the real deal. It is several times deadlier, and its venom is strong enough to kill a human in less than a day after biting - in some cases several hours have been enough.
The Brown Widow Spider
This is, of course, a derivative special of the Black Widow, but that does not mean that it is any less deadly and dangerous - just like the False Widow spider, it too can be deadly to both humans and animals alike.
The Sydney Funnel-Web Spider
What? I did not know there was a spider special named after a city in Australia! Anyway, this species of spiders are native to Australia, which is excellent news for like 99% of the world that does not live on the far-away land.
The Six-eyed Sand Spider
Did you check out the camouflage on this guy? Some of the third-world militaries are actually jealous of this guy - their camo shorts simply don't measure up! Word has it that this little spider was the inspiration for the new digital-type of camo.
The Hobo Spider
So it appears that there is a spider named after Chicago's worst problem - the wondering Hobo. Nah, just joking, there are far worse problems affecting the Chicago economy, and we can only hope the President can fix them.
The Camel Spider
It doesn't look like a spider, but it has a similar color - I guess that was enough for the anthropologist that discovered this species to name the spider as "The Camel Spider." Personally, I don't think it is a suitable name.
Here is the Video:


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