If You See This Double Coat Hook In a Public Bathroom, It May Change Your Life

This is something to take VERY seriously
Ian Anglin October 4th 2017 Weird
While this post may be classified under entertainment, it is also a PSA (Public Service Announcement) - if you see one of these double coat hooks in a public washroom, leave immediately and don't do anything you don't want to see appear on video on YouTube or TV. Yeah, you read that correctly - there is a high probability that these double hooks are actual Wifi-enabled, battery-powered HD recording video cameras. Read below to find out more.
Take a Closer Look at Those Double Hooks
That is not how an ordinary coat hanger (also called coat-hook in some regions) looks like. Those double hooks are placed there intentionally and are meant for a far darker, sinister purpose. I can't wait to explain the rest of this mystery.
They Can be Attached Anywhere
They can just as easily get attached to any wall or door as your car phone holder - you know the one right? It is usually used by older vehicles that don't come with built-in GPS. I should know, driving an 18-year old Hyundai.
They Can be Attached Anywhere
They can just as easily get attached to any wall or door as your car phone holder - you know the one right? It is usually used by older vehicles that don't come with built-in GPS. I should know, driving an 18-year old Hyundai.
They can be Bought For $20
The perp that placed that camera and is now trying to violate your privacy? He probably spends less than $20 for the whole setup. Mass production has its benefits, but its downsides as well. Wait until 3D-printed guns become a reality.
Call the Authorities
If you believe what you're seeing in any kind of public bathroom is similar to the pictures here (or any other website), you may try reporting this to the authorities, as this may be classified as a felony in some states.
The Camera can be Set to Manual or Motion-Activated Recording
To make things even worse, the camera has a "smart" mode which makes it possible to make it record only when there is motion detected - this is quite useful for the perp as it saves on recording space and battery life.
No one Would Ever Suspect this Coat Hanger
Would you suspect this coat hanger of secretly recording your washroom session? No way - I know I wouldn't! Most of these cameras can record for up to 120 to 180 minutes without interruption, but some may do even more as battery tech improves.
It Comes with a Charger and Transfer Cable
Just like any ordinary smartphone, this device also comes with a 5V USB charger and a data transfer cable. I imagine it also comes with a disc with drivers and an editing software, but that wasn't included in this picture.
It Only Comes in Black and White
The good news in this whole mess is that you are going to have an easier time noticing these cameras since they only come in two colors - black and white. So, bronze, gold or other types of wall hooks are safe - for now.
Wi-fi Enabled
To make matters worse, some of these cameras do not need to use an internal storage medium to keep data - they can just transmit it via Wi-Fi, or in some models through Bluetooth - but in the latter case that means the perp needs to be closer in order to keep the signal live.
Weird Location to Place a Hook
Another telltale sign that this is not, in fact, a normal, analog coat hanger, is if it is placed in an unusual location inside a room - like for example in the above hotel room - you can see it is right next to the bed.
How is this Legal?
I was wondering the same thing - how can something that is so blatantly obvious going to be used for illegal deeds can be sold? The answer - the manufacturers claim it is a "safety" device meant to protect your safety from unsuspecting criminals.
Women and Children are Especially Vulnerable
As with most of the cases like this, it is the women and children that are the most likely groups to get targeted, but also the most vulnerable - they have no protection in a situation like this, and imagine if the perp starts following or stalking them.
There are Many Other Secret Types of Cameras
You think you are safe, now that you know about the secret coat-hanger cameras? Unfortunately, more and more everyday objects are now "enhanced" by the addition of these small HD recording video cameras. Take this tiny button-like device that can be placed anywhere.
Fake AC Adapter
This one is actually new to me - there are now secret video cameras even in AC adapters - the ones that are used by all types of electronics, from TVs to smartphones. Talk about becoming paranoid, how can anyone be safe these days.


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