Mathematician Claims That Intimate Robots Could Make Men Obsolete

Ian Anglin January 9th 2018 Science
Robotic companions and helpers are becoming better every year, which means that realistically looking and behaving sex robots are becoming a reality for many people around the world. Currently, 95% of all sold sex robots are female, but according to Dr. Cathy O'Neil, a mathematician from Harvard University, she believes that women are also going to start buying robots, once the technology has been improved and the robots can help in doing various household chores.
Sex Bots Could Make Men Obsolete
Most conversations regarding the future impact sex robots are going to have on society has depicted female sex robots, overtaking the women's position. One expert, Dr. Cathy O'Neil from Harvard, claims that the opposite is going to happen, and robots are going to replace the male population.
Robots Could Satisfy All Human Needs
One of the most basic human needs is to want to have someone to love and to make love with, but according to Cathy, women are also looking for someone who could do their fair share of helping out around the house and do chores.

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