Wife Refuses To Pull Plug On Dying Husband, 2 Years Later He Wakes Up And Says This

Heart breaking
Gigi Cummings October 4th 2017 Inspiration
We say love conquers all. And in reality love has a history of creating unexplained miracles in our lives. It seems to be the one thing that can help us overcome any obstacles in life as well as the one thing that can heal us and keep us together when we are falling in love. When we take our vows as couples we promise to do anything "in sickness and in health, until death do us part." These are very strong commitments united by love and this young couple became the epitome of these vows. She sat by his side while he was in a coma and her unwavering love and faith in him helped him through until he woke up years later.
The Life Changing Moment
Danielle and Matt Davis had only been married 7 months when a flash moment changed their lives forever. In July of 2011, Matt was involved in a motorcycle accident that left him with several broken bones and a severe traumatic brain injury. At 22, he had his whole life ahead of him.
She Did Not Want To Give Up
Matt was in a coma with a 90% chance that he would not regain consciousness, doctors advised Danielle to take him off of life support. But she did not want to give up on him, they had just gotten married and they had so many more memories that they were supposed to make together.
Keeping The Faith
Without any medical news to lift her spirits, Danielle turned to God to give her the faith she needed to hang on and pray for Matt to come back to her. Her unwavering faith in her love for Matt was the one thing that kept her going when everyone else was losing hope.
The Three Month Coma
After Matt showed little improvement in the hospital and the doctors felt that his outlook was poor, Danielle and her mother moved Matt to at home care where they took turns caring for him 24/7 in every way possible, giving him their undying love and attention never giving up hope that he would return to them.
Matts Will To Live
After constant care and support, Danielle could feel Matt's will to live come through in small ways. He began to move his fingers and hands and grasping on to small items, then one day when Danielle was urging and pleading for Matt to put his hat on his head, Matt gasps out "I'm Trying!" bringing tears to his wife's eyes.
The Road To Recovery
Matt spent three months in recovery at a rehab clinic working tirelessly to bring his body back to life. After being released Matt could talk, sing, laugh, make jokes, eat and drink on his own, use the bathroom with minimal assistance and walk with a walker.
He Still Lives With Obstacles
Matt struggles with his long term memory, especially those memories right before his accident, like his wedding, his relationship with his wife, they are slowing coming back to him. But he is happy to be making a retaining new memories everyday!
A Positive Outlook On Life
One conversation with the brave young man will change anyones perspective on life. He tenacity for life to keep pushing on, and his unwavering love for his wife and his life is completely inspiring. His story will make anyone feel that love can conquer any obstacle.
Matt's Million Dollar Smile
Anyone who goes through a life changing near death experience, and has decided to take their new lease on life and run with it, is someone who should be an inspiration for anyone going through a hard time, and Matts ability to smile throughout it all and connect with strangers creates this positive outcome.
Experiencing Life All Over Again
Due to Matts traumatic brain injury, he has to relearn many things that were once very familiar to him in his life. He gets to experience things all over again as if they were brand new! He had forgotten what spicy food was like and is now discovering how spiciness in food changes the taste!
Continue To Celebrate Life
Even with all the pain and heartache caused by Matts accident and throughout his difficult recovery, Danielle made sure to keep life a celebration and to enjoy every moment they spent together. In December 2012, Matt and Danielle celebrated their 1 year anniversary as a married couple.
Some Things Have Not Changed
Even with everything that Matt has been through, Danielle will attest that Matt is still Matt, and she is overjoyed that through it all, he is still the same funny sarcastic man that she fell in love with years ago and decided to spend her life with. She knew if she stuck by he would come back to her and he did.
He Ditched The Chair
Matt has come a long way from being in a coma with a small chance of waking up. He decided he was not going to be stuck in his chair and pushed his body to become mobil. He is motivated everyday to walk with some small assistance and is so grateful to be continue to improve his mobility.
Five Years After The Accident
Five years later and Matt is still as motivated as ever. Physically he continues to strengthen his body and push it to excel in many physical ways. Mentally Matt will always struggle with his long term memory, but he stays super positive and while he may at times forget you, you will surely never forget him.
Danielle Gives Matt All The Credit
Danielle has nothing but love for her husband who has been working so hard since his accident, "This guy. 5 years later and he's still at it. I'm sorry you have a brain injury Matt but you're killing it. I hear people bitch and moan everyday. And you never have a bad thing to say about life. We can all learn from you. We should all be more like you."


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