If Your Partner Has These Traits, Stay With Them Forever

Ian Anglin January 8th 2018 Lifestyle
Finding the right person to date can be a job in itself. The reason for that is that just because a person is interested in seeing you, that doesn't mean that the two of you are going to be sharing the same interests and goals in the long-run. For that reason, this article featured 15 different signs that the person you are seeing is the right one for you. Some of these signs include making a special effort (by your partner), focusing on you during dates, and not fearing to commit.
They Make a Special Effort
There are many different things a person could do for you, that would count as making a special effort. For example, making sure that your favorite ice cream is always available in the fridge is a small effort, but it could still literally make or break your day.
They Focus on You
Whether you are out on a walk or in a restaurant, you will always feel better if the person who you are with takes the time to focus on you. On the other hand, if your partner is constantly on the cell phone and barely listens you, that could be a problem.
They Commit to You
This one is very important, as a lot of people these days settle to dating people who don't commit to them. While it is normal to take a few weeks or so to decide whether you want a relationship, that process shouldn't go on for months.
They Have a Great Time with You
Another important thing to watch out for when dating someone is whether the person is having a great time with you. It seems that some people could decide to date you, even if they don't view the activity as fun. Perhaps they are afraid of ending up alone.
They Help You Discover the Person You Are Inside
When you are with a partner that helps you grow, you are going to find out more (and deeper) aspects of your personality. That is a crucial step towards becoming a more mature person, so remember not to let go of the person who helps you find out who you are inside.
They Take Care of You
Everyone has to go through certain bad moments during their life. Whether you are having a bout of depression from losing your job or your loved one, you will always going to need to have someone close to you that is going to be able and willing to take care of you.
They Want to Be Seen With You
This one is kind of similar to the paragraph about dating someone that is willing to commit to you. The person who you are supposed to date needs to able to be seen with you - otherwise, all of your dates are going to be shady and you won't know where you are in the relationship.
They Invest Consistent Effort
You could have the best boyfriend or girlfriend in the world, but if they are on good terms with you in just some occasions, then that relationship won't actually turn out to be good for you. You will just waste a lot of time wondering in which direction the relationship is going.
Your Partner Should be Vulnerable
A person who trusts you, and who is in love with you, is not going to be afraid of showing their vulnerabilities in front of you. On the other hand, if the person who you are dating is constantly hiding things from you, that could be a possible red flag for your future together.
You Should Get Compliments
While no one likes to constantly receive praise and compliments, you shouldn't have to spend months dating someone and not hear a single positive word. The compliment doesn't have to be about just physical things - it could also be about something cute you have done for your partner.
They Handle Strife with Maturity
Another important thing that should be an apart of every relationship, is that your partner should be able to handle stressful and bitter occasions with maturity. That means that just because you are having an argument, they don't have to go all-in in insulting you.
They Watch a Movie with You That They Have Already Seen
This might sound like it is a miniscule thing, but what matters is not the action, but the meaning behind it. If a person is willing to spend hours watching a movie or a show that they have already watched, just to make you happy, that means that they care about your happiness.
They Talk About Your Accomplishment When You Are Too Shy to Talk About Them
Everyone has certain moments in their life when they finally succeed at something they have been working for a long time, but then are kind of shy to talk about. Your partner should be present in moments like this so that they could talk about you when you are too afraid yourself.
They Get You Excited About the Future
All couples have conversations about the future from time to time. If you have similar goals and interests with your partner, that means that those conversations about the future are going to get you excited, instead of worried about what is to come.
They Introduce You to Their Friends and Family
Your partner doesn't have to instantly introduce you to their friends and family upon first meeting you, but over time (in a period of several months), you should get to know at least a few of their friends. If you don't know anyone, your partner could be "hiding" you.
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