Watch Out For These Signs Of A High Blood Sugar Level

Take note, peeps!
Ian Anglin January 6th 2018 Science
There are many things you could be doing on a daily basis that could increase your blood sugar levels. What is even worse is that some of these things can easily get compounded if you keep doing them in the long-term. For example, being overweight (or even worse, obese) is a significant market for having a high blood sugar. The same goes if you frequently consume fast food and any type of food that is loaded with simple and fast processed carbs.
Constant Urination Need
One of the first signs to show up if you have a high blood sugar level is a constant need to urinate. Similarly, you are going to notice that once you go to the toilet, you won't actually have a lot to urinate - it is more about a feeling to urinate, rather than a real need.
Erectile Dysfunction
High blood sugar levels can cause erectile problems in a few different ways. First of all, the higher your blood sugar is, the worse your blood flow is going to be (and blood flow is very important for having an erection). Secondly. Uncontrolled blood sugar can damage the blood vessels in your genitals.
Gaining Weight Rapidly
Another symptom that often pops up in people who are developing a blood sugar disorder, is a rapid weight gain, that in many cases may not be correlated with an increased amount of food intake. Do talk to your doctor if this symptom persists.
Being Constantly Thirsty
This symptom is kind of correlated to the frequented need to urinate part of this article. It seems that having a high blood sugar level for prolonged periods of time can wreak havoc on the total water levels throughout different parts of your body.
Food Cravings
You would think that having a lot of sugar in your blood would decrease food cravings, but actually, the opposite happens. When your blood sugar level is high, glucose has a hard time entering your cells, which is why your body is going to signal you to eat more food.
Being Constantly Tired
Another symptom that is correlated with the problem of your cells utilizing sufficient glucose and nutrient levels, is a constant feeling of tiredness. Since having a high blood sugar level is going to make your cells work with a lower efficiency, you are going to have less energy to spend during the day.
Blurry Vision
This is one of the symptoms that many people have while they are at a pre-diabetes stage, but probably don't know that it is a symptom of the disease. The reason your vision can get blurry from high blood sugar levels is that the eye's lens become swollen due to the excess sugar.
Having Dry and Flaky Skin
If you remember a time when your skin was of much better quality, that could mean that you could be on the path towards developing diabetes (that is what happens if blood sugar levels stay at very high levels for prolonged periods of time).
Eating Processed Food
Eating a diet that is high in processed foods is a surefire way to amplify the time it takes to get diabetes. For that reason alone (and not the mention the improved waistline), all people should try to limit processed food intake to a bare minimum.
You Don't Exercise Enough
If you have ever followed an athlete's diet, you are going to notice that they eat a ton of calories every day - and a lot of the calories are from carbs. The reason they can do that and not get diabetes is that they spend most of the calories by exercising their muscles.
Being Anxious and Stressed
If you look frequently like the girl in the above photo (meaning highly anxious and/or stressed out), that is another thing that could raise your blood sugar levels, and even eventually lead you to develop diabetes. Yoga and meditation can help in situations like that.
Unexpected Weight Loss
If you have suddenly lost a lot of weight, despite not change anything in your diet and workout regimen, that should not be a cause for celebration. In some cases, rapid weight loss that happened on its own could be a sign of diabetes or other diseases.
Feeling Lightheaded
Due to the worsening blood flow and varying water levels in your body (which happens when blood sugar levels are unhealthy), you could be feeling lightheaded at times. The lightheadedness means that you are suffering from a sugar crash.
Having Difficulties Waking Up
The reason why having a blood sugar level is bad is that all the cells and organs in your body are going to suffer because of it. Because of that complication, you are likely to have problems waking up, due to the decreased quality of your sleep.
Fruity Breath and Odor
Some people could see this symptom as "funny," but unfortunately, it is anything but funny. Having a "fruity" breath means that the amount of sugar in your blood is so high, that you are literally breeding out the excess amount of sugar from your body.


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