15 Relationship Problems That People With Anxiety Always Have

Ray Porter October 4th 2017 Lifestyle
Relationships involve two brains working together to be happy. You have your own consciousness to worry about, and you have to consider your partner's point of view as well. Sometimes, when difficulties occur, it can be hard to know which one of you is thinking the way that they're 'supposed' to. This can be especially difficult if you suffer from a condition like anxiety, which might impede your way to think on the same wavelength as your partner. Here are some signs to prove that you're the anxious one in the relationship.
You Freak Out When You Can't Get a Hold Your Partner
Assuming the worst when you can not get in contact or a hold of your partner could be a pretty good sign that you're being a bit neurotic. Especially if you constantly follow up your own messages, or call over and over again.
Letting You Know Ahead of Time
There is nothing better than someone letting you know about plans far in advance so that you can mentally and physically prepare. This is especially true for people who tend me a bit anxious, because it will give you time to cycle through your emotions.
Not Hearing Advice
A sign that you might be the anxious one is if your partner tries over and over again to give you advice, but can't seem to calm you down. For someone with anxiety, problems cannot always be explained away with logic.
You're Difficult to Sleep Next To
This one can be pretty cute, but also kind of frustrating. It is hard to sleep next to someone who tosses and turns, so you should ask your partner if this is something that you happen to be a little bit guilty of every once and a while.
Your Mind Takes Over
For someone who is anxious, relationships can be especially difficult to navigate because your mind is always taking over your daily life. It can be hard to tune out thoughts that get in the way of communicating normally to your partner.
You Have Panic Attacks
This one should be quite obvious, but people with anxiety are much more likely to have panic attacks. Your partner might not quite understand how panic attacks work and could have difficulty understanding what they should do, whereas you might suffer from them occasionally.
Your Mind is Your Arch-Nemesis
Sometimes it can feel like your mind is unstoppable if you have anxiety. It can not be silenced or reasoned with, and instead can feel like a supernatural entity that is capable of controlling you and being invisible to your defences. Yikes!
All The Little Things Count
For someone who doesn't have anxiety, it can be a lot easier to ignore the little things that happen to us. What might seem like no big deal to your partner could be a huge deal to you, and could stack up to create a perfect storm.
You Cope Differently
People with anxiety tend to cope with their problems in a way that might not seem regular to someone who does not have anxiety and is generally not anxious. Your partner might have trouble finding out ways to help you deal with situations--since reasoning might not always work,
Anxiety is a Third Person in Your Relationship
Unfortunately, it can sometimes feel like anxiety is a third wheel in your relationship. While your partner might not notice, if you have anxiety it can feel like it is always there with you, following you wherever you go and affecting your decisions.
You Have Trouble Expressing Yourself in a Way They Understand
It can be hard for people without anxiety to understand the struggle that people with anxiety go through. The other person in your relationship might not understand what you're going through, and you might have difficulty explaining it to them if you're the one with anxiety.
Small Victories
If you have anxiety, even small things can feel like great accomplishments. If your partner does not share your mindframe, however, they might not understand why you feel so accomplished. It can be upsetting when other people don't share your optimism about you achieving your goals.
You Feel Like You See the 'Big Picture'
Another clue that you might be the anxious one is if you feel like your partner only sees the small day to day things, and that you are the only one who thinks about the big picture. It can feel this way because you constantly have a lot on your mind, where people without anxiety are able to focus on less things at once.
Anxiety Stops You From Reaching Your Potential
Unfortunately, Anxiety can be a serious and difficult thing to live with. Things might look easy to your partner, but be extremely difficult for you. You might even feel like your anxiety is stopping you from being yourself, and that is honestly a terrible way to feel.
You're Not as Social as Your Partner
"Go on without me!" is often the battle cry of people with anxiety. If you're the anxious one in the relationship, you might always feel like the 'burden,' even when it isn't justified at all. It's important to remember that your partner likes being with you, and is hopefully on board with your anxious quirks.


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