15 Signs He Loves You Even If He Doesn't Say It Out Loud

Ray Porter October 4th 2017 Lifestyle
Love can be a hard thing to find. For the most part, we all want to be loved, and we all want to be with someone we love. Most people are out there in the world looking for their soulmate, and it can be hard to tell if the person you're with is the right person for you to spend your life with. It can also be hard to know if the love we feel is real, and if it is worth fighting for and holding on to. We've listed some of the most sure-fire ways to know if your man loves you as much as he says (or acts like) he does.
Taking Initiative
If your guy loves you, it is only natural that he will want to be around you. As a result, he should make the effort to make and keep plans with you, and take initiative to organize time that the two of you can spend together.
He Treats You With Respect
Someone who loves you respects you. The two go hand in hand, and mutual love is directly related to mutual respect. If you don't feel like your partner respects you, it might be a good sign that he is not as in love with you as he claims to be!
Looks Out For You
When you care about someone, you want what is best for them. If you feel like your partner is looking out for you, and that you always have someone on your side who wants what is best for you, it might be a good sign that you are loved.
A humble man is one who recognizes his place in the world and does not overstate his achievements. Someone who is only in the relationship for themselves would not be as humble, and would constantly try to make themselves seem larger than life.
He's Honest With You
It is impossible to let someone in if you are lying to them. If your man is putting a wall, and is constantly being deceptive, it means he is not comfortable with you knowing him for who he really is. This is a problem absolutely worth looking into!
He Puts Your Needs Above His Own
One of the best ways we can show someone that we love them is if we consider their happiness, even if it means making us less happy from time to time. If your man puts your needs above his, it means he loves you. After all, isn't that what love is?
Not Trying to Tear You Down
In temporary relationships or verbally abusive partnerships, one of the two people might try to tear the other down. They might make you feel small, or like your opinions or feelings aren't as important as theirs--which is a good sign that they don't really love you.
He Protects You
We try to protect the people we care about, and we don't let anyone hurt the people we love. If your man is there for you, protecting you and at times being a little bit goofy in the way he looks out for you, it might be from a place of pure love!
You're His Focus
Love can be distracting, and if your man is focused on you, it might be obvious why! Love makes us want to keep someone as a priority, so if you feel like your boyfriend or husband does not consider you to be important in his world, it might be because he is not that in love with you.
He Is On Your Side
This one is only within reason, since someone doesn't have to always agree with you to be in love with you. They should be on your side when it counts, however, and being in love should be like playing doubles tennis--you should always feel like you have a partner on your side of the court.
He Isn't Pushy
Respecting someone's boundaries is an important part of respect, which we covered earlier. If someone understands your boundaries, it might be because they're in love with you. If they are pushy and clingy it could be something more like infatuation, and not real love.
He Challenges You
A big part of love is helping someone else grow, and becoming better together. You and your partner should be there for each other when it counts, but still challenge each other and push each other to be the version of you they know you can be.
He Tries To Join Your World
Someone who loves you should take an interest in your interests, and might try to find a way to join your 'world.' He might learn about your friends, remember details when you speak, and do things he knows you love. He might even faking sharing an interest with you from time to time--but rest assured it comes from a good place!
He Tells You How Much You Mean To Him
This seems obvious, but if someone loves you, you should know it. They might even tell you without saying those specific words, but still give you praise and a feeling of importance that lets you know that the words he says to you come from a place of love.
He Shows You How Much You Mean To Him
Sometimes the person you're with might not always tell you he loves you, but you can tell that he does. If he does certain things that let you know you're always on his mind or makes gestures to surprise you, you might know it's the real deal before he's even told you it is.


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