Remember This Kid From Harry Potter? Look How Handsome He Is Now!

Ah... that kid with crazy teeth. The one who captured a corner in every potterhead's heart. It was then when we used to go gaga for that innocent face and every action he performed. And, anyone will f...
Ian Anglin October 4th 2017 Entertainment
Do you remember the kid with the crazy teeth from the Harry Potter movies? I know the movies were more popular a few years back, but I think Jamie Yeates left quite an impression for his role as Marcus Flint - even though he was part of Slytherin, the opponent house to Harry's Gryffindor. He also played as a Chaser on the Slytherin Quidditch team, and his character is famous for actually being so bad at schoolwork that he had to repeat his final year of education at Hogwarts.
Did you Forget This Guy?
Looking at these photos, they sure do bring back memories from 2001-2006, which was when I spent most of my time reading the books and watching the first few movies. I had forgotten some of the scenes in the original movie and will try to add them below in this text.
The Quidditch Chaser
One of the first scenes where we can notice his crazy teeth is his role as a Chaser in the official Slytherin Quidditch team, where he stands next to Malfoy - the arch enemy of Harry Potter, Ron & Hermione.
Is He Captain Cool or What?
I think once you see the next photos, you will have a better idea of how his transformation began because if you skip looking at his teeth for a while, you'll notice some of his cuteness appearing (and then vanishing again!)
Ready for the Real Marcus Flint?
I know I was taking your time but had to do a quick intro & get your memory up to date. Anyway, I can finally show you the dude behind the Marcus Flint character - Jamie Yeates himself - check it out!
Yes, this is the SAME Guy from the Slytherin Quidditch Team
I keep looking at these photos, of him dressed up in that leather jacket or looking into the distance being all cool, and just cannot believe my eyes at the transformation. Talk about an ugly duckling story!
Boy Turns into Man
All guys have a transformation like this - it usually starts out around the age of 14 to 17 when you'll start growing the worst beard of your life - a few patches of hair here and there which take FOREVER to get some growth into them.
He Was Not Alone in His Transformation
You did not think I would just leave you with these few pictures of Harry Potter-cast transformations. There's like a treasure trove of unbelievable pictures here, and I'm just getting started listing them - so stay tuned - this is going to be a wild ride - that's a promise!
Is Matthew Lewis' Neville Longbottom Transformation More Dramatic?
You see how my above point about beards is proven correct? Just this one element alone was enough to change our entire perception of Matthew Lewis, although there is more to his transformation that meets the eye.
Emma Watson Being all Grown Up
I admit - Emma Watson's transformation is probably not going to shock you as the rest, since she is now a mainstream movie icon, and as you know - if you keep seeing someone on a frequent basis - you can't notice differences as easily.
Why You Can't Notice Emma's Transformation
You see, the brain is kind of weird. Due to millions of years of evolution, we've adopted a system that is on 24/7 to alert us to major changes in our environment. You can imagine how this helped the earliest hunter-gathers.
Keep Looking
The problem is, people change gradually. If exposed to someone frequently, our old hunter-gatherer "alert system" simply does not fire up, and we're like "meh, my friend is exactly the same as he was the day before."
Daniel Radcliffe
The same goes for our man, Daniel Radcliffe. Although his career is slightly lagging behind Emma's (sorry fans - you have to admit this one!), he is also an A-level celebrity in Hollywood, and the types of roles he gets into is simply mind-blowing.
One of his Weirdest Roles
If you can close your eyes and remember the boy Daniel was in the Harry Potter movies, and then watch "Imperium" - one of his newest movies, you would simply not be able to compute the transformation he went through.
Getting into a Role He Didn't Agree With
I can only imagine how hard it was the UK-born Radcliffe to get his method-acting warmed up for his Neo-Nazi role in Imperium. He has frequently spoken against hate and far-right groups, but for this role - he had to go the other way.
The Most Uninspiring Transformation
Just joking with the title, Ron! Of course you're all grown and a man now - it's just that when we look at Emma, Harry and Malfoy, it simply doesn't measure up. Maybe I'll check you again in 10 years' time.


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