Here Are Some Lucky People That Have Somehow Attained Immortality

These guys are getting awesome karma.
Michael Leon October 3rd 2017 Weird
It's much more common to hear about someone's bad day than all the great things that normally come their way. So, when the following people took a minute to celebrate a small victory, we couldn't help but cheer and smile along with them. The following are a compilation of extraordinary scenarios that'll make you look twice in disbelief. From strangers performing random acts of kindness to downright implausible situations, rest assured these moments really managed to make someone's day.
Now That's a 3 for 1 Deal
Sometimes the biggest surprises come in small packages. So imagine when you receive three times the normal amount for your favorite snack. This may not be something to write home about, but it will certainly make your day thanks to that "Surprise!" factor.
Lost & Found
Missing pets are nothing out of the ordinary, but sometimes life gives them a second chance at happiness. It's even better when said pet recognizes and runs toward you like its life depends on it. Now that, my friends, is a feeling we wouldn't change for anything.
They Key to Happiness
Tons of people have lost their valuables as they watched it go down the drain. Thankfully, once in awhile a poor soul is spared of this kind of misery. There's no feeling like watching your car keys somehow remain stuck between heaven and oblivion.
You Have the Green Light
Don't you just love it when it's smooth sailing on the streets? There's no traffic, no constructions, no detours, and all the traffic lights are encouraging you to keep cruising. The fact that this almost never happens is exactly what makes it so special.
Make Your Day Pop
No movie would be complete without some good popcorn, and the good samaritan who left this behind knows it. For all we know, the person renting a movie no longer had to take a trip elsewhere just for a snack. Keep it up, humanity!
The Chance of a Lifetime
Cancer kills an insane amount of people every year, so how did this girl feel when she got the good news about her mom? Instead of planning her funeral, Ashlea was busy planning the biggest celebration of her life along with mom. Truly priceless.
Car Trouble? Not Today
You just walked out of your home and spotted that perfectly shiny car completely destroyed by a storm. That God awful feeling was nowhere in sight today, as evidenced by the owner of this lucky vehicle. Let's just hope lightning strikes twice in this case.
This Cannot Be a Coincidence...
What about this one? You can clearly see how the tree's overall shape was specifically designed to make someone's day. Some may call it a miracle while others call it pure coincidence. We'd like to keep it simple and just call it one damn fine day.
Be a Good Sport
It's not always you get a high five from your favorite athlete, but that's exactly what happened to this very lucky little boy. Watch as his face nearly explodes in excitement, and all because of something so quick and easy. We're sure he bragged to his friends for days!
Plenty for Everyone
There's not much to vending machines: Insert some money and get exactly what you paid for. Once in awhile, though, it just happens to be your lucky day as the machine dispenses much more than you bargained for. We hope you brought your appetite.
The Very Definition of Luck
No, this isn't a show at Universal Orlando. This is a very real shark that just barely missed his lunch. That poor little thing must have won the Life Lottery after realizing what had happened. Let's just hope it managed to get the hell away in time.
Hot Damn
It's called a hot tub for a reason, and it's all thanks to the fine ladies this lucky fella is with. He must have spent the entire time praying that no other male would ruin his day, as you can see by that unmistakable grin.
He Nailed it
Just imagine the kind of pain this nail would have inflicted on this poor person's foot. Thankfully he avoided a trip the emergency room by less than an inch. And who cares that his sole is now ruined? When it comes to good luck, this guy definitely can't complain.
An Act of Kindness
Okay, now we feel like visiting every vending machine in town. Some lucky person just realized that every one of these have a (at least) one quarter attached for the taking. It's things like these that make you appreciate the little things in life.
Heart Attack Successfully Avoided
We try not to get into religion, but this is the kind of stuff that makes you believe in a higher power. Considering most items fall head-first into the toilet, this person got extremely lucky by the way it landed. No need to dial 911 now.


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