Stunning! Lori Loughlin's Daughters Look Exactly Like Aunt Becky

Kylie Perry August 30th 2017 Entertainment
Actress Lori Loughlin is best-known for her role as Aunt Becky on Full House, an incredibly popular sitcom back in the 90s. She was the aunt that everyone wished they had -- and she was the first crush for many teenage boys. When Loughlin -- who has reprised her role on Netflix's Fuller House -- was helping out the Tanner family on-screen way back when, it may have helped her prepare to raise her own family -- and wait until you see her stunning daughters now!
Loughlin welcomed her two girls in the late 90s
Despite the hopes and prayers that Loughlin would marry her on-screen love Uncle Jesse (played by actor John Stamos) in real life, she was in a relationship at the time they met and ended up getting married. She and her now ex-husband, Michael Burns, wed in 1989, two years after Full House first premiered. The two didn't have any children together and ended up getting divorced in 1996. While Loughlin was freed up for Stamos then, he was in a relationship. The two have been extremely close friends for years, but have always been in relationships when the other was single -- it's something that they both say when asked why they never dated.
Loughlin ended up meeting her now-husband, Mossimo Giannulli, a short time later. The two married in 1997 and had two children together in the years that followed. Their daughter, Isabella Rose, was born on September 16, 1998, and her younger sister, Olivia Jade, was born on September 28, 1999. You won't believe how much the girls look like their mom these days!
Bella Rose took after her mom in more than just the looks department
Loughlin's eldest daughter, Bella Rose, will be 18 this September. She has followed in her mom's footsteps and has taken a liking to acting. Bella already has an IMDb page and a few credits to her name. In 2016, Bella starred in the Hallmark television movie Every Christmas Has a Story alongside her mom. She hasn't landed any major roles, but that's probably not out of the question -- she is simply stunning and seems like she's a really good kid.
A simple scroll through Bella's Instagram account will have you doing double and triple takes, as she looks so much like her mother! There are some shots of Bella that actually look like throwback pics of Loughlin -- it's almost hard to believe that they aren't! And, believe it or not, her sister Olivia also looks just like Loughlin. Read on for more.
Olivia Jade is a YouTube star
Olivia has also done some work in the business, although she hasn't starred in any television shows or movies as an actress. Instead, Olivia is a YouTube star! She has millions of views on her videos which range from makeup tutorials to fun posts featuring her mom!
"Hi everyone! I'm Olivia Jade and my channel is oliviajadebeauty! I post videos talking about makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and occasionally, I'll do some challenges. I have a strong passion for makeup and fashion and I love sharing my passion with all of you guys here on YouTube. Please subscribe if you haven't already and I hope you love my channel," reads the "about" section. Olivia has also inherited her mom's genes and is an absolutely stunning teenager! Loughlin's girls have grown up to be absolutely beautiful and it's clear that she is so proud to be their mom!
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