Man Has Courage To Show His Face After Being Attacked By a Tiger 20 Years Ago

The attack was just the beginning of his nightmare.
Cole Damon October 3rd 2017 Inspiration
In about a split second, Hashmot Ali's life changed forever. He was resting in his boat after a hard day's work and to catch some shuteye when a tiger jumped at him out of nowhere. It was a completely random occurrence, as rare as getting struck by lightning. Tigers are not commonly found near mangrove forest canals, so Hashmot never felt the need to take precautionary measures.
He would work in mangrove forests
During his time working in the mangrove forests, Hashmot would sometimes spot a few tigers here and there, but nothing too concerning, as they never made their way near human settlements. His miscalculation cost him a chance at having a normal life.
Just one swipe from the tiger did it
The tiger sneaked its way to Hashmot and probably assumed that his flesh was free for the taking. It struck at him and just a single swipe from the powerful cat was enough to tear his face apart, disfiguring it entirely.
Hashmot began screaming in agony
Hashmot obviously couldn't tell at first what the source of his pain was, but it was strong enough to wake him up screaking in pain. The blood curdling screams awoke his colleagues who tried making loud signs in an attempt to 'shoo' the monster of a cat away.
Persistent tiger wouldn't budge
But the tiger was adamant about achieving its sinister goal of slicing and dicing the life out of Hashmot. The fishermen decided to crank things up a notch - by banging their boat paddles to try scaring the big cat away.
The tiger eventually got the point
At long last, the tiger got the point and left poor Hashmot alone. But not without causing life changing damage to the fisherman - it's something he'll have to carry on for the rest of his life, a burden he has to face alone.
Hashmot could not receive immediate help
We believe the damage could have been reversed if Hashmot had access to immediate medical attention, but the fisherman had to endure a six hour long journey just getting to a hospital. But the rural village in Bangladesh did not have medical facilities to help with his wounds.
He cannot afford plastic surgery
The doctors may have tended to his wound a little, preventing the onslaught of infections and spread of diseases, but beyond that, they would not help the poor man without slapping him with costly medical bills he is clearly unable to afford.
He is psychologically traumatized
Hashmot Ali now faces regular social anxiety attacks and prefers to spend as much time indoors as possible. His inner will is damaged and he only comes out when he's need at the local market only to be greeted with harassment and unabashed gawking.
He covers the gaping wound with a handkerchief
Poor Hashmot has no choice but to cover his misery with a handkerchief as going about on the street without covering his injuries would only bring unneeded attention to him. But can the small and frail handkerchief divert attention away from him?
The fisherman has been subjected to abuse by the world
To make life worse for the poor man, his own community members turned on him by subjecting him to abuse and making his situation more miserable than it already is. Sad to see how his own friends would harass and bully Hashmot instead of condoling him.
He's afraid the same treatment awaits his children
Hashmot is married and has three kids. He fears his daughter may not find appropriate suitors for her marriage on account of his horrific injury. The three kids might become subject to the same isolation and torment he now faces by the community.
His fears emboldened him to make a drastic decision
To fight off his past demons and to get back at the village for ostracizing him, the former fisherman finally summoned the willpower to grace the cameras for the first time in 20 years. We hope he can find closure from his terrifying wounds.
The face
This is his face - a sad reminder of what the life changing encounter with an intimidating tiger did to him. It's hard to believe that a single swipe could do so much damage to a human being. We truly are frail creatures.
Power of a tiger
Tigers can weigh up to 500 lbs, have powerful jaws and three inch long claws built to tear through flesh. They can fight off lions, bears and defeat crocodiles in water. Humans don't really stand a chance, unless they have weapons.
Tigers hunt alone
Unlike lions, who are known to travel in packs of up to 30 other lions, also known as the pride, tigers prefer to hunt alone. They don't have any one to back them up in case things go haywire; and this makes them more far more fierce than your average lion.


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