10 Times People Got Caught Cheating On Their Partner On Snapchat

Cheaters should be punished
Cole Damon October 3rd 2017 Humor
When a guy found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him, he promptly decided to barge on in the door unannounced to snap the pictures of his girlfriend in bed and send it to all his friends (and the rest of the world). His goal? To ruin her life. Now something about this entire incident tells us that the young man probably isn't ready for a relationship yet. Here's goes the story;
Here's his gloomy face
We all understand the emotions you might be going through man. But this is not the right way to go about things. Also, you don't need to dictate to the entire internet what a wuss you are. These are just crocodile tears.
Idiot leaks her picture to the internet
So he enters their private room unannounced - which they're fully entitled to by the way - and snaps pictures of her scantily dressed body to share with the rest of the internet. What the heck is wrong with you man? We thought your sad little face expressed love?
Boy confuses knife for a dildo
So this guy purchased what he thinks looks like a dildo for his girlfriend. Dude that's a knife, that's not a toy anyone should play around with. Well unless you're a psychopath who likes to see others in pain, but that's beside the point.
Hot flight attendants
Who says that flight attendants have to be boring? These women have completely changed the definition of what flight hosts are all about, they're cool people who keep up with the times and release silly snaps to the rest of the internet.
He doesn't like cuddling
This nerd is so savage that he would skip the cuddling part of sex entirely. I mean he just wants sex, nothing else. And we should know that because? Snapchat has allowed us to gain insights into every one else's private lives
Little boy has probably seen too much internet
We don't know if the little boy intended his picture to be used in this way. Either way, it should not be circulated around the internet at all because of his age. And his parents should monitor his internet browsing habits more closely.
Creep alert
Something about this snap makes our creep meter ringing all over the place. The way he looks into the camera, the way he pouts his lip and the way he describes his snap as 'going on pussy patrol' makes us believe he should be put on a list.
Who doesn't like Kelly Brook
Seriously, that picture of a drawn penis actually makes us gag and marvel at the artist's skill all at the same time. So we're not sure what to do - throw up at the grisly sight of its uncanny design or congratulate him for making 'constructive' use of his time.
Teen boy is confused about his feelings
He doesn't know whether to confess his feelings of love or whether to end his relationship. Either way, it is a pretty useless snap. What the heck does forever and always mean anyway? It's used by pop singers in their songs but doesn't have literary usage elsewhere.
Hey Boo!
It's high time we stopped plaguing the internet with these visual spams. And Hey Boo is so old school now. Please use something more appropriate to greet your love life. For starters, make use of proper sentences which make sense!
Trolling the internet
Now you're spamming the internet with these pictures. This has got to stop. Pretty soon the massive storage space of the entire internet will become cluttered with spammy pictures! Snapchat should really improve their spam filter because pretty soon it will become poisonous to navigate the app.
Strangest parody ever
This is a strange parody of Ronald McDonald, the creepy clown. The guy basically uses MS Paint to apply red, white and yellow colors to his face. He makes great use of MS Paint by the way - we never believed it could have such an innovative use.
So will he need to use those in the future?
This guy won't need those for a very long, long time. The exact duration of the time period is lost on us, but he'll save money and a lot of trips to the medical store - so yeah good for him.
We fail to gain any sympathy for you bro
But wasn't this the entire point of your picture in the first place? To clutter up the internet with meaningless pictures of you drawing blue 'tears' on your nerdy glasses? People should realize that their snaps are not private and will end up being watched by someone else.
Creepy girl
Here's a creepy girl demanding the internet to love her. We would rather migrate to the Moon all the way to Mars before showing you any love - at least not when you show us that creepy face - or should we?


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