The Space Between Your Fingers Turns Out To Be A Major Personality Indicator

What does yours?
Cole Damon October 2nd 2017 Science
Who knew that after so many different parts of the body, the spaces that we have between our fingers could also be a representation of our unique personality! These spaces accompany the lines and hand shape as major personality indicators, and can be used to determine the type of personality possessed by an individual. While the individual hands will be unique, there are subtle similarities which land a person into one of the personality groups.
Physical Personality Indicators
There are various aspects of our unique physiques that represent the unique personalities that we have, and adjust us in one of several brad personality types. There are a number of physical aspects which tell what we are like as individuals.
Our Hands Tell Tales
They say you can tell anything and everything about a person by the way their hands look. You can tell their entire life story and describe in remarkable detail all that they have been through in life. This is absolutely true, literally.
Personality Indicators in Hands
The hand itself is a major personality indicator, or rather the shape of it. The fingers are another indicator, and the length as well as shape of them says a lot. But the spaces between fingers are apparently another major indicator.
A Relatively Recent Discovery
The spaces between the hands have only recently been discovered as a very important representation of a person's psyche and their method of going through life. The nature of this indicator is physical as well as through lifestyle induced changes.
The Various Factors
There are a number of indicators of unique personality types, which are connected to the various aspects of the gaps between the fingers. Whether the gaps are big or small, whether they are well connected or not; are all factors.
The 4 Personality Types according to Gaps between Fingers
In order to better understand which type of personality you have, you will need to take a careful look at your hands, and more specifically the spaces between each finger. Notice all the crevices and see which group you fit in.
Large Gap between Fingers
A large gap is an indicator of a personality that is as vibrant and expansive as the gaps. The spaces, being as wide as they are, contribute to a broad and sturdy hand, all the better to shake hands with!
Larger than Life Personality
The person with big gaps between fingers has a personality that is extroverted and open for all to see. This is a genuine person who does not care for the opinions of others, and believes in a life well lived.
The Negative Side of Larger Gaps
This individual can sometimes get too extroverted and open, which leads to awkward and unsuitable situations in the social circle. They might brush someone up the wrong way with their honest openness, which could lead to unpleasant circumstances and strife.
Small Gaps between Fingers
Smaller gaps tell of a person who chooses how much information to give out and how much to keep to oneself. Common sense is one of the defining traits of this person, one that is easily visible in each act.
Reserved and Balanced
This person knows exactly what to do in which situation. Always equipped with a witty and often funny remark, or a kind word, they always say the right things. They are reserved to most, and live a very balanced life.
The Negative Side of Smaller Gaps
The flip side of having smaller gaps is the obvious imbalance that can sometimes occur when a person is perfectly arranged, for the most part. This person is image-conscious, and can go on the offensive if their image is threatened.
Minimal to No Gaps
You can probably see the pattern here; with gradually smaller gaps leading to more reserved personalities. The person with no gaps has the most reserved personality of all, preferring privacy to community and their own personal space to shared spaces.
A Secretive Individual
This person is bound to have a lot of secrets which perhaps nobody will find out in this lifetime! On the flip side, their reserved nature also leads to a fuller and more introspective personality, albeit some antisocial behavior will show.
The Negative Side of Minimal to No Gaps
The bad side of having no gaps is the close-mindedness of the person, and how they can be too closed off to the rest of the word to notice that maybe they might be the reason for frustration in loved ones and friends.


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