15 Of The Most Embarrassing Uniforms Ever

Why would you allow these 'uniforms' though?
Cole Damon October 2nd 2017 Humor
When you think of uniforms, the first idea that pops into your mind is the funny costumes that mascots are usually required to wear when cheerleading the team with they're rooting for. But we're not talking about mascots here. These poor men and women have to put up with awkward and downright sexist design choices, we'll cover some of the weirdest ones here
Volleyball costume
Most beach lovers prefer stripping to their favorite innerwear to stroll the beaches, these include bikinis and shorts. This trend extends to volleyball players as well.
But volleyball is a physically strenuous activity!
The problem however is that volleyball players are not merely strolling the beaches but are partaking in an intense physical activity which can result in wardrobe malfunctions. SO why not wear something a little more... appropriate?
Ummm.. are those cameltoes?
We don't know if this was deliberate on the part of the uniform designers or not. But it stands to reason that the US Women's Cycling Team may have felt a whole lot of embarrassment.
The warmest regions of the earth
Why didn't they take into account the fact that the warmest part of their bodies perspire after intense workout?
Swimsuit design
We know that swimsuit costumes by their nature are designed to cover as little of the body as is possible. But this picture takes it one step too far. You're supposed to cover the butt cheeks guys, that's the number one rule when designing costumes, never let the butt cheeks pop out like a baboon's butt.
More swimsuit design
While this swimsuit gear seems to take into account the proportions of the girls' body properly, it doesn't take into account how water can dampen the costume.
Wet clothes are not good for teenagers with raging hormones!
And damp uniforms have a way of making us see through the uniform to say the least.
And here's the women's racing team
Alright we can spot a growing trend here. It seems that female athletes are being subject to the sexist mindset of pervert costume designers who deliberately FAIL to take into account the sensitivity surrounding their private parts.
Understand the physics behind cameltoes already!
Why don't they get the point already? Perspiration equals wetness, which equals CAMELTOES!
The Olympics team
Why are women subject to so much sexism? I mean if they're comfortable with revealing their skin, we can't chime in our two cents, but if you were to ask us, just a tiny bit of more skin should be covered. Teenagers and adolescents alike have raging hormones you know?
Cycling team
You had one job to do! ONE job! Design a uniform that covers all parts of their body without revealing their privates. She races to the finish line and at the end has to put up with --- this! More cameltoe. It's become a running gag now you pervert designers!
Deliberate design
We should not blame these poor ladies. They're just here to perform. It's the goons in charge of the costume designing who should be sued for sexism. Why subject these honest, hard working women to so much inappropriateness?
Alright let's cover a few men sports as well
Men, it seems are not free from weird costume designs either. Why this one been doused in pink and features the face of a teenage girl. Topping it all off is the tired, serious and exhausted face of an athlete. Note to the designer: Your goal of making the team everyone's laughing stock is complete.
Endorsing the pirates?
The era of those "aaarggg" pirates is over. But this team might want to resurrect the good old days of pillaging by the sea. We don't know what message the designer wants to send here - but we think the goal was to cause intimidation in the opposition's hearts.
Trying to hold our laughter be like...
If so, your intents are lost on us and we're left in stitches because of your design choice.


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