Husband Accidentally Sends a Snapchat To The Wrong Person, Wife Loses It

Yeah, that's a horrible mistake to make bro
Cole Damon October 2nd 2017 Humor
Snapchat has become the go to social networking tool for singletons looking to hook up with likeminded individuals. It's quick and gets you results. Sometimes however, even married couples try to seek thrills from someone other than their spouse. This husband, Jeremy is no exception to this rising trend and sent a snapchat containing lewd pictures of his partially naked body to the wrong person. His wife's CLOSEST friend!
What the pictures contained
Imagine working out 3 hours a day before going to work. Getting those six pack abs, strong forearms and that perfect V shape torso. This is exactly what Jeremy sent to a woman he wanted to flirt with.
Nipples and skin
That's one word to describe the pictures. Fully nude torso flashing his nipples in all their erected glory, even posing like those bodybuilders did in those awkward TV shows from the 80s. Guy was so in over his head that he mindlessly shared his lewd pictures online.
The recipient has different plans!
The recipient however, had plans to oust the cheating husband and promptly forwarded the snapchat to the wife. The guy thought his erect nipples were going to seduce this woman - well he's in for a nasty surprise once his wife confronts him.
With Snapchat, accidents can happen
Although Snapchat has become extremely efficient at sharing pictures and videos between friends and strangers, it seems the world still hasn't become completely used to the app. All it takes is one mistake and the whole world becomes aware about your private life.
Snapchat can be a small world
Although Snapchat is now home to hundreds of millions of youngsters and baby boomers alike, the prospects of you ending up sending the wrong snap to the wrong person is still extremely high. So become mindful if you don't want to become the laughing stock of the internet.
Snapchat has hundreds of millions of users!
According to this chart, 150 million snaps were exchanged in a single day! Let that thought sink in your mind. In just one single day, hundreds of millions of users would share the secrets of their lives over the internet.
Be careful who you sext to!
In fact you might just end up sexting your own boss! Be careful who you share lewd pics to! Whatever you do, don't send a lewd text to your boss or you will end up getting fired - or worse, slapped with a sexual harassment case!
The girl diligently reported the incident to the wife
She took screenshots of the images and promptly sent them to her friend. Letting her know about Jeremy's cheating habits, even commenting, "He was very thorough with his angels." These are obviously snide remarks meant to incite anger in the jealous wife.
Anger and betrayal
When Jeremy was confronted by his wife over his crimes, the cheating husband started admitting to all of his crimes one by one! But here's the worst part: the guy admitted to cheating with the wrong girl.
Spilling the beans
But the fear of his wife's actions froze him and ended up spilling the beans - all of the beans! The wife obviously felt betrayal and is enraged! And nothing can be compared to the wrath of a woman scorned!
The reaction of the wife
What would any self respecting wife do in such a situation? Unlike Wendy Williams, who always seems to ignore her husband's misadventures, this wife decided to do something about it. And not in a friendly way either. She wants a divorce from Jeremy!
Is there anything Jeremy can do to save his marriage?
He should take private lessons from Kevin Hunter. The bloke regularly has extramarital affairs, both brief flings and fully fledged 10 year old love romantic episodes. But guess what, his wife loves him so much she cuts him a slack every time he gets caught on it. Can Jeremy save his marriage?
You could accidentally send a picture!
It is common place to share private pictures to the worst person by a simple tap. You wouldn't even know it! But trust us, you will definitely know it the next morning when thousands of people will have upvoted your accident.
He should cry like a wuss
If Jeremy loves his wife and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, he should probably roll up into ball and cry like a wuss. Perhaps this act will melt her heart and prevent the divorce proceedings.
Because if the divorce proceeds, it is likely that the judge might order Jeremy to pay his wife payments in alimony for the rest of his life until she gets another spouse and/or gets a job. Not very good prospects man. Here's the life lesson internet - don't randomly send nudies to strangers!


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