Whales Found Dead On the Beach With Shocking Contents in Their Stomachs

What even...
Christine Kings October 2nd 2017 Science
It's not a big secret that the world's problems with pollution are getting worse and worse as the years go by. Even if certain measures are being taken by non-profit organizations, people are still evil by nature and dump their unwanted trash in the ocean, affecting innocent marine life. It won't be that surprising if after a couple of generations, all of the fishes in the sea become reduced to only a handful thanks to the carelessness done by people.
13 whales washed up on a shore in Germany
It's usually normal to have one whale wash up on a shore because of natural causes. Two whales? Quite alarming. But thirteen whales washing on the shore of a single beach in Germany? That's highly alarming and need attention asap.
Scientists were baffled
Usually, when more than one whale washes up on an area; scientists assume that it's just global warming or sometimes even pesticides or chemicals from a nearby plant. But seeing as it's a huge group of whales, they knew that something much worse had occurred.
They did an autopsy on the whale corpses
Necropsies are done on animal corpses, especially for marine creatures when they die in groups. This is so that scientists can pinpoint what caused the mass death and prevent it from occurring once again in the future. What they discovered was shocking.
What they found inside the animals were disturbing
All of the whales had their bellies split open and scientists discovered different debris from human trash trapped inside their stomachs and intestines. It's heartbreaking to see how horrible their insides looked thanks to human destruction and all because people can't be bothered to throw their trash properly.
All of them had large amounts of plastic in their bellies
What's even more alarming is the huge amount of plastic found inside all of the whales. If plastics can't be rid of properly on land, what more in the water? These things will just float around for generations, never disintegrating and only causing further destruction of more marine life.
But that wasn't what killed them
Scientists observed the corpses further and realized that the whales could've survived, albeit with great difficulty, with the plastic in their bellies. They discovered that these whales are also extremely malnourished and weren't as "big" as they should normally be. They had died from acute cardiovascular failure.
They had ran out of prey to feed on
The ocean had run out of preys for the sperm whales to feed on for sustenance. For big marine animals, they need big types of prey such as squids, shrimps, octopi, crabs, and even sharks to eat. But then again, with human destruction, it's not entirely impossible for these creatures to be eradicated.
Still, humans are to blame
Thanks to humans and their activities, climate change has greatly affected the population of the marine life that sperm whales eat. Humans also eat the same creatures, and they also kill these creatures with their "bright" ideas and their carelessness.
Climate change doesn't happen without any human intervention
See, things were much better when humans weren't bastards who destroyed everything in their paths. As generations go by, more and more plants and animals go extinct because humans just can't stay in their lane and be content with what they can and cannot eat or hunt or destroy.
Sperm whales swim in the deepest parts of the ocean...
So it's really surprising how they can just wash up above the shore just like that. They end up getting confused because the deeper parts of the ocean become warmer, causing them to swim upwards instead of diving deeper to a much suitable temperature for their kind.
Ships and drilling surveys has also wrecked havoc to their habitats
Sperm whales are still animals, so they don't understand why these huge foreign objects are in their habitats. Instead of getting the peace and quiet they deserve, they get disturbed and they go into panic mode, which more often than not, harm them further and even causing their demise.
Malnutrition among whales is also quite concerning
All of the whales that washed ashore were determined to be just around 10 to 15 years of age and would've been in decent health had they not eaten those huge amounts of garbage and trapped in very shallow waters.
There's also not enough info about sperm whales
The only thing that scientists had further determined was that these whales were swimming in such shallow depths, that the ocean couldn't support their weight anymore, that their organs got crushed in the process of the animals attempting to stay afloat.
And they're seriously endangered
Scientists have estimated that there are probably just around 200,000 sperm whales out in the wild today, with their maximum number at just around 1,000,000. Don't assume that these numbers are good, as it should be much larger than the estimates.
So what should be done?
For starters, humans should stay away from other creatures that are living peacefully in their own habitats. Not one human has any business destroying another living being's life, especially if they're staying far away as possible from every man on land.


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