Daughter Sexts Mom By Mistake Then Dad Responds Hilariously

Christine Kings October 1st 2017 Humor
Technology has been so amazing lately that people can get off just by sending photos and messages back and forth. But people are inherently stupid that they end up sending a very risque photo to the wrong person-or worse, they end up sending it to their parents! If they're lucky, they can get ignored and life goes on. If they're particularly unlucky? Screenshots will be taken and then posted all over the internet for people to feast on!
This is Chelsea
Home girl looks good but probably doesn't have the smarts to double check who she's sending her sexts to. Seriously, is it that difficult to take a second glance at the name of the contact? How many photos like this has she accidentally sent?
But mom wasn't too happy with the selfie...
Well, what kind of mom would be happy about knowing their daughter's sending out photos like this to strange men. And it even includes her face, so it's going to be a double whammy if any of her photos leak.
At least she's practicing safe sex?
Some women don't even keep condoms on their person. At least Chelsea has her own stash so men don't have an excuse to not wear one when things get a bit hot and steamy. She's safe from an oops baby and a potential STD.
Then dad got a hold of the photo
Of course, moms would send photos of their daughter looking like this to their middle-aged husbands. Seriously, lady. Why would you think your husband would love to see his little girl looking like that? That's a dad's worst possible nightmare!
And he's surprisingly supportive
It seems like dad knows how to reel Chelsea in. He's supportive and nice about her little flub and didn't even reprimand her horribly unlike his wife. And Chelsea seems to be thankful about his kindness towards her even after what she did.
He's a good dad
And he clearly loves his kid. Just not sure what the hell happened at some point and why Chelsea seems to not have enough brain cells to not accidentally sext her own mother. Well at least it didn't include some dirty talk? Just a kinky pic.
But Chelsea is just one of the tons of people who failed at sexting!
Oh boy. People all over the world have failed at sexting so badly that they've received official meme status on the internet. The best part is that the receivers usually have golden responses that go well with the accidental texts!
Just wow...
At least she still wants him to have a photo of her butt to remember her by? Some girls will demand him to delete the photo, but she loves herself too much and knows she has to treat someone to the glory of her buttocks.
And this is why you should stop getting numbers from the club
Because girls will almost always give you the wrong number just so you could get humiliated. Oh well, good riddance. Might as well befriend whoever is on the other line if they have an awesome sense of humor like this dude.
Tarzan, go back to the jungle
Jane won't be found in the city. That's why she went to Africa you know. So she can study you and your monkey family. Maybe take your time and swing from tree to tree while yelling instead of sexting innocent people.
Poor JD
She must've given you the wrong number because you're still wearing a puka shell necklace, JD. That trend was big back in the late 90s, maybe early 00s, but you're kinda looking lame and tacky because of that necklace of yours.
Just take the hint, man
Nothing is more annoying than a person who demands to be sent nude photos in the dark. Seriously, don't make someone stand up from their bed to switch on the lights just because you're feeling a bit frisky. Go watch porn on your phone instead.
Well, you asked for something dirty
You just didn't specify what kind of dirty you were asking for. You can't blame her for sending something like that. She only followed your instructions, so maybe go for a new kink instead of pestering her for more "dirty" photos.
Happy freaking birthday!
And this is another smart person who managed to troll the hell of an annoyingly horny bastard. Seriously, folks. If someone wants to genuinely sext with you, they'll vibe you out and not troll you like this. You get served with what you deserve.
Smart girl didn't fall for his "promise"
Unfortunately, everybody has probably seen the Birth of Venus. But you better not show other people those nude photos. They're kind of worth a lot, man. For real, though. Stop asking women for nude pics and expect them to deliver if they're not interested.


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