Kelsey Wells Shares Her Amazing and Quick Weight Loss Transformation

Charlie Blacks II December 6th 2017 Inspiration
Let's face it, we all have something that we'd change about ourselves or that we're self-conscious about aesthetically and personally, we feel like that's nothing to be ashamed of or something that we should hide. For some of us, it might be the size of our noses, how far apart we might think our eyes are, how big our thighs are, how skinny our thighs are, there's always that one thing that we want to physically improve about ourselves. Well, today we're here to talk about Kelsey Wells' recent weight loss discovery that is helping people everywhere. Check it out for yourself right now.
The Food Pyramid Then
Humanity, especially the United States Department of Health and Human Services hasn't always gotten things right when it comes to nutrition. For decades, we were taught that we were supposed to have more servings of bread and grains than fruits and vegetables combined... Boy, were we wrong.
The Food Pyramid Now
Luckily, we've become more informed about how our bodies process certain foods and we've made some drastic changes to the old food pyramid. Sugary foods have been totally eliminated while grains, fruits, and veggies dominate the chart and physical activity is included in the visual as well.
Basic Nutrition
With our current society becoming more knowledgeable about what they should be putting into their bodies in order to achieve their weight loss goals, we have to point out some of the most basic nutritional needs for those of you trying to get summer ready. Foods rich in protein, carbohydrates that allow you to burn the necessary energy for fat loss, and rich natural fats that allow your body to heal itself.
Protein-Rich Foods
Protein-rich foods might be the most important factor when it comes to losing weight and building muscle. If you want to build muscle and trim the fat consider incorporating foods like eggs, spinach, chicken breasts, oats, almonds, salmon, and tuna into your regular diet.
Carb Burning Foods For The Gym
You're going to need foods enriched with carbohydrates incorporated into your diet in order to maintain the necessary energy to get through your scheduled workouts so you might want to consider adding foods like whole grain pasta, brown rice, oatmeal, yams/sweet potatoes, and beans into your diet before you hit the gym.
*Sigh* The Gym
In all honesty, anyone who says they truly enjoy the process of going to the gym is probably full of sh*t. At times, it can be fun and can be full of overcoming experiences but, in reality, it's still a chore that needs to be taken care of and something that should become a part of all of our weekly regimen for the sake of our physical and mental health.
Numbers Do Lie
For those of you that might get discouraged during your weight loss journey because your not seeing the results you want to see right away or because the numbers on the weight scale don't reflect the amount of work you've put in, don't give up because the weighing scale itself tends to lie about the results you might not be able to initially see.
Who Is Kelsey Wells?
Finally, now that all of that is out of the way, we can introduce you to the woman of the hour in Kelsey Wells. She's a fitness blogger who runs a personal blog known as The Sweat Life and recently has become a viral sensation after her amazing weight loss journey following her pregnancy and has racked up quite the social media following.
Weight Gain During Pregnancy
First and foremost, women are amazing for having the ability to actually carry human life and birth an entirely brand new being out of their bodies and into the world so, it's obvious that women would gain some additional weight during their pregnancies in order to provide the necessary nutrition for both lives to be supported. The average amount of weight gained during pregnancy is 25 to 40 pounds.
Kelsey's Weight Loss Goal
Kelsey Wells was determined to trim the fat from her most recent pregnancy and decided to document her weight loss journey. Obviously, she had gained a considerable amount of weight but using the Kayla Itsines training regimen and program, she made an amazing discovery in the midst of her journey.
Size 0
Kelsey Wells also had made it a goal for her to fit back into her skinny size 0 pair of jeans from before her pregnancy as well. For those of you who kill yourself to fit in a size 0 dress or pair of jeans, honestly, don't stress it. You're beautiful how you're built and a jean size doesn't define you.
During Kelsey's weight loss journey, she put in countless hours of work in the gym as well as maintaining a balanced diet and went from a starting weight of 145lbs to a total of just 122lbs for a total of 23lbs lost but, what she soon would discover is that still numbers don't matter during this journey.
Kelsey's Shocking Discovery
The picture in the middle is a picture of Kelsey Wells at her lightest weight during her journey but only a couple of months later she took the picture to the right, where she is visually more muscular, toned, svelte, and built but yet she gained a total of 18lbs and looks better than ever.
Muscle Over Fat
Some of us might not all be informed as well as others about the fact that muscle mass weighs more than fat. Which is why we can't always trust weight scales during our weight loss journeys because the results are always number based.
We understand the troubles of not being where you want to be during your weight loss journey but, don't let the numbers or the non-visual results get you down. Kelsey Wells has her own blog and Instagram account that's encouraged thousands of men and women to keep pushing themselves further and towards their goals. Have faith and never give up.


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