15 Adorable Fights Only Married Couples Have

Gigi Cummings September 30th 2017 Humor
When you get married to your sweetheart, you two obviously have an unexplainable bond. A lot of people won't understand your inside jokes and your little ways of communicating with each other. So obviously when you two have your little fights, they most often are not a blow out scream fest, but more like an adorable banter where you try to one up each other on who is the cutest. Here are some of the sweetest things couples fight about.
Who Loves Each Other More
Whether it was who loved each other more before they got married or who loves each other more now. This fight is always the same, and there is no end to it because obviously they both love each other the most!
Where To Eat And What To Have
Most couples have spent so much time together, eating at restaurants together, collecting their favorite meals. Because the know each other so well they usually even share stuff, if they can agree to make any decisions about it.
Who Will Turn Off The Lights
There is usually a quick fight at the end of the night as to who will turn off the lights before bed, the sweet baby talk comes out and the arguments start, just because you are already in bed doesn't mean it isn't your turn!
What's That Smell
When you know someone so well like in marriage you tend to let your bodily odor out as well. Arguing over what the smell is, and blaming the other person for their smelliness is a cute way that couples pick on each other.
Who Will Tell The Parents
Even though you two are married and have your own life, you still have to let your parents in on all the life decisions you are making together. Arguing over who has to tell mom and dad is usually one of those that end in rock, paper, scissors.
Who Started The Sexy Time
If in the middle of the night, you two start to get a little sexy out of nowhere, there usually is an argument the next day as to who started it, especially if one of you had to get up early. This argument often ends in another steamy session before work.
Whats The Most Comfortable Sleeping Position
When you spend every night together, you tend to get into a groove as to what the most comfortable position is, but you two might differ on this opinion, whether its side or back, spooning is usually what you both love most.
The Tickle Fight
We all have a love hate relationship with tickling, its really fun to do to someone else, and sometimes in the moment we find it fun, but couples often argue about who is more ticklish and who likes it when the other is super playful.
What Temperature To Keep The Room
She likes the room at a boiling temperature because her feet get cold, he likes the room to be a chilly fridge because he likes to use the big fuzzy blanket during TV binges. Both like to argue about who is going to get their way.
Who Gives Who More Attention
Both of parities in the relationship are constantly glued to their phone, we all are, so arguing with your loved one over who is paying more attention to who and being jealous of the others phone time is a cute way of saying, "love me more!"
When The Other Alarm Is Going Off
Not everyone has the same schedule, so couples often have to deal with each others alarms going off at different times. This can start loving arguments about waking the other up, which leads to need of extra attention and lots of kisses.
Fights About Fights
In every relationship there are little hot buttons and each person wants to have the right opinion. In these fights they usually get stopped quickly because the fights are just not worth it, they let it roll off and move onto more important things, like cuddling.
Who Has The Cutest Quirks
When you are in a relationship, you love the person for exactly who they are, quirks and all, if anything those quirks are what you love most about the other person, arguing over who has the cutest faults is something so typical of people in love.
When You Fell In Love
Every couple has a story of how and when they fell in love, but usually each person has a different version leading to adorable arguments when the couple is trying to tell every one their romantic love story.
Who Is The Better Spouse
Couples will do their best to please their partner, but because they only see the best in the one they love they will amplify the faults in themselves, causing arguments over who is actually the better spouse and who love the other more.


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