15 Illustrations Showing The Beauty of Falling In Love

Who doesn't want to kiss in the rains?
Cole Damon December 4th 2017 Inspiration
Ask anyone close to you and they would all agree that falling in love is perhaps the best feeling that they have ever experienced in their life. A Korean artist by the name of Hyocheon Jeong creates meaningful and adorable artworks that delve on the beauty of falling in love. Here we have 15 of these brilliant illustrations that will leave you in awe.
Stargazing with your love is just the most perfect thing you can do. See those stars on a normal day and you won't appreciate your beauty, but see them with your love in your arms and you would comprehend their beauty.
Holding her Hands
Love has the ability to teleport one into a land of wonder and amazement. Holding hands may seem like a normal thing, but when you do that in a cold night with your love looking right at your eyes, you will experience a shiver down your spine.
Staying Together
When in love, there is nothing that can keep you away from your loved one. Staying together is just one aspect of showing how you can't stay without each other. Eating together, sleeping together, shopping together and even bathing together are other aspects of this deal.
Wearing Each Other's Clothes
Your wardrobe is just not your wardrobe anymore. From that button down shirt to that brown sweatshirt, she can wear everything you have and look utterly gorgeous. Both of you don't care about the outfits anymore and love each other on the inside.
The First Romance
You have kissed each other and probably cuddled a thousand times, but things start heating up when he approaches you for the first time on bed. Both of you throw away whatever you are wearing and light up the bedroom with the spark of your romance.
Love Bites
You can't just have enough of each other and are on a mission to devour each and every body part. He loves your collar line and likes to kiss you from top to bottom. The love is always there and you can go on a kissing rampage literally anywhere.
Cuddling Up
You don't need an excuse to cuddle up. From listening to a song together on the earphones to giving solace after a busy day out, everything about your relationship has a cuddle in it. You get up close to each other all the time.
Cleaning the House
Love isn't just about the cuddles and the kisses, it involves a much deeper connection and cleaning the house together is part of that. You help each other out with cleaning the dishes and the windows, but can't get your eyes of her regardless of what you are doing.
Being Comfortable
You don't need a bed anymore. There is nothing that separates both of you from each other. He is always willing to have you lying down on his laps as you talk with each other. You eventually sleep while talking to each other and it is the most beautiful awkward position to sleep in.
Taking Selfies
You don't put tons of make up for every selfie that you take. Not the makeup on your face, not the pixels on your camera, but it is the moment and the person you are with that you cherish. He is always there to hold you in an embrace.
You Cook for Each Other
Your love is on another level now and you want him to have the best of you. You cook to impress him and he gives you compliments regardless of how it tastes. He also takes care of you whenever you need a helping hand. You're a team!
You Randomly Dance
The song that was playing in the bar you first met plays on the radio and you can't stop yourself from leaping into your best moves. Both of you love being up close and dancing with each other! She makes you love her even more with those stellar dance moves.
She gives you Solace
You have had a tiring day at work and need a helping lap to lay your head on and a hand to brush your hair. She does all that and lets you lie comfortably in her presence. You close your eyes for a short nap and she doesn't move a single bit to ensure that you sleep comfortably.
You Go In the Bathtub Together
There is something about the bathtub that makes you want to lie down there all night long. Both of you have a candle-lit bath and you can't shrug off the love that is in the air during the occasion. She is the world for you and you embrace her head against your bare chest and feel her breathing heavily.
You Will Always Love Him
He may not be the most perfect and probably has some flaws but there is no one who would care for you as much as he does. You have decided that he is the perfect one and both of you know that there is no going back from here.


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