Mother's Text To Her Daughter Who Failed Test Goes Viral

Jay Dawson August 2nd 2017 Inspiration
We all know how hard school can be. Even apart from all the puberty and relationship dramas and getting your head shoved down the toilet, there's also the insane stress of trying to do well. Of trying to pass all your tests and getting into a good college so your life doesn't go the way of your head - down the toilet. Believe it or not, it's pretty hard on parents too. They don't want to see their bright young things get anxious and depressed, but they also want them to get good grades. Which makes this mom's response, when her straight-A daughter got a result she certainly wasn't expecting - all the more legendary. This is one story that'll remind you how cool some parents can really be...
What A Failure
Now, when we say failure, we're using the term pretty lightly. High school senior Hannah Cho was more or less your perfect student, consistently at the top of her class in all her subjects. She was aiming for a perfect 4.0 GPA (for those outside the States, that score means you're a genius), until this curly math test came around. And she got a B grade.
Shocking, right? Not for us - we would have been happy to even spell our name correctly in high school - but for Hannah, it was a devastating blow. She'd studied for hours, and she was so sure that she'd smash the test out of the park that when the result arrived, she was understandably upset. "For me, this was unacceptable," she tweeted. With a culture in her family of hard study and fierce academic competition, she was sure that her parents would be upset, too. Until her mom sent her this Snapchat...
The Message That Brought Everyone To Tears
Far from being angry at her daughter's performance, Hannah's mom sent her pretty much the most adorable message possible. "I don't care if you fail your math test," it started, following up with lines like "I care if you cry", "I care if you're unhappy", and the classic "I love you". Aww. It's the kind of message that we all want to hear at some points of our lives, but one that we don't often have the courage to tell our loved ones. And the world just thought it was the best thing in the world.
Within a few minutes of Hannah tweeting her mom's message, it had gone viral with thousands of retweets. Complete strangers were messaging Hannah, telling her how awesome her mom was (as if she didn't know), and some went as far as to request an adoption by Hannah's mom. It reminded us, for a moment, how much our parents really do support us and how much what they do is just so we can succeed.
The Coolest Mom In The World
Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed, there's another cool thing about Hannah's mom: she uses Snapchat. Most parents wouldn't even be able to figure Snapchat out, let alone take a picture that's not a fuzzy photo of a flower arrangement, but Hannah's mom has got it all sorted. Not only that, she's racked up a hundred-day Snapchat Streak with both of her daughters, which not many other parents could claim, especially not at the age of Hannah's mom.
But the coolest part about Hannah's mom is - like most of our parents - her complete lack of shame. Unlike us, they're too busy cleaning up after us, cooking for us (especially in Hannah's case, apparently), or driving us places to really care about what other people think of them. They're happy to embarrass us in front of all our friends, yes, but on the flipside, they're not ashamed to tell us that they love us or tell us how proud they are. And that never-ending support's the best thing about them.


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