Cardi B's Best Friend Still Works As a Stripper, And Supposedly She Cap Rap Better

You can tell how real someone is based on whether or not people stick by them. Cardi B's current best friend is still her best friend from back in her days
Cole Damon September 30th 2017 Entertainment
You know someone's got an uber-awesome personality when people from their early days are prepared to stick by through thick or thin. More than that, you know that those people have more value than anyone else, especially if they are the main support system you had, and still have.
Cardi B and Star Brim: Best Friends from back in the Day
This is the case with Cardi B and her best friend, Star Brim; sister-in-arms from their days at the stripclubs. As anybody with any real integrity in them can tell you, you never forget the people who had your back through rain and shine, and you can be sure Cardi B hasn't forgotten her bestie! Hell, they're probably stronger than ever on the bestie-hood front!
What Started It All for These Two
It all began when Cardi B was still hustling and moving to the music as a stripper. All the talent in the world has to come from somewhere, right? Well, her roots lie amidst the lights and the dance stages of a strip club. It was there that she met the girl who would turn out to be not only her biggest rock, but her ride or die on the road to success. One could say it was true sisterhood on first sight when these two met, and they're still going strong!
Not Giving Up on Each Other even After Fame
Celebrities who come from meager backgrounds have the habit of forgetting all about the people who were there for them back then, when they reach a level of success. Not the case with Cardi B, you can sure as hell bet on it!
Never Forget Your Best Girl!
She, being the queen that she is, never forgot her sister from back in the day, and still hangs out with Star; sharing pictures of them together, enjoying the lights and love from fans. So strong is the bond between these two gorgeous ladies that people have often regarding them as inseparable, and the sort of friends that stand the test of time, fame and career demands.
Helping Each Other Out
Lending emotional support to a person in time of need is the best thing you can do; and certainly one of the things that guarantee you a friend for life, if the other person has integrity ingrained in them. This is exactly what Cardi and Star did for each other, and it is something they still continue to do.
Still Supporting
Even though one found a better outlet for her abilities, and moved on to greener pastures, she never stopped guiding the other. In fact, Cardi is now helping her best friend out with the latter's rap career, helping her make it big just as she did. This is the kind of support that inspirational stories are made of, and there is no better person to take inspiration from than Cardi B, a woman who made her way when everybody would be content with chaining her down and limiting her talent.
She's a Goddess!
Hell yeah she is! Cardi B is one of those stars that you can't help thinking about all the time, regardless of whether you love her or hate her guts! In an industry that is chock full of major players who can't accept competition, she not only came through with a load of talent, but a personality that is what the music business needs at the moment.
Coming Up in a Tough Industry
With all the lying, pretentious and downright fake individuals plaguing the industry, it becomes difficult to showcase your talent. This is especially if you come from a career as a stripper, a profession that is looked down upon. People are willing to immediately dismiss you as a legitimate artist, just because of your former career.
Making It Big as a Former Stripper
This is what happened to Cardi B, when she was being discusses in the forums of musical criticism. People were, and still are, very eager to disregard all the hard work that she has done, just because of her former career as a stripper.
Rising Above the Haters
She has not allowed the naysayers to get her down though, as she continues to make a name for herself in the industry, come what may! This is what makes her such an amazing superstar and a role model for the youth. This shows that no matter where you come from, you do not let that drag you down and you sure don't forget your best people!
A Star in the Making!
People are currently seeing Star Brim in a very good light, both because of her association with Cardi B, and because of the girl's own assets! Yes folks; not only does this girl have a body to die for, but she's got rap chops of her own! Her talent does not just include moving to the beat; she can look bangin' while doing it too! And the fact that she can spit bars like there's no tomorrow is the icing on the chocolate cake!
Talent just Waiting to be Discovered
According to a lot of people who have seen her do her thing, both on the stage and in her videos, Star Brim in not only on par with Cardi B as well as number of notable dancers, but even better a rapper than her best friend. Whether or not this is true is a matter of opinion, however, it does not change the fact that there is gem waiting to be discovered by a big label!
Still Together, Still Hustling and Still Going Strong!
For now, Star continues to work in the strip club, often meeting up with Cardi B, who obviously loves hanging out with her sister from another mister! She's has been all set to launch Star into the mainstream music scene, and if all goes well, then we will undoubtedly have another very talented artist to watch and listen to!
Diversifying her Talent
Aside from her rap career, Bardi B continues to diversify her skills, be it in dancing, which she already sharpened, from her time as an exotic dancer, or starring in television and reality shows. The best aspect of her personality is that although she appears to be limited to singing for now, what with her huge fame riding on her already, there is so much that this talented girl can bring to the table!
More of Cardi B Coming Soon!
Meanwhile, Cardi B continues to hone her talents as well. After her smash hit 'Bodak Yellow' tore up the charts and knocked off Taylor Swift's single off the top spot, she is high up there in the limelight, and is working on new music and videos. We sure hope she gets even more success, and that we get to see her gorgeous friend on our screens soon!


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