15 Ways You've Been Bathing Wrong Your Entire Life

You are doing it WRONG
Ian Anglin November 24th 2017 Lifestyle
Although maintaining your personal hygiene is very important, it appears that a lot of people have been doing their bathing in a wrong manner. There are many different things you could be doing wrong with your showering habits. These things can result in you having dry or dull looking skin, to actually harboring harmful infections and bacteria. These results can happen if you scrub your skin too much after bathing, using a tower for too long, or from doing any of the other bad habits listed below.
Waxing or Shaving before a Bath
Here is a fact that very few people know - if you need to shave or to wax some hair away, always do it after a bath. Shaving before bath leaves the pores on your skin wide open, which could eventually lead to a dry and dull looking skin.
Try Not to Scrub Too Much
Some people believe that excessively scrubbing your skin can make it look better and smoother. That's unfortunately not the case, as the more you scrub your skin, the worse and dries it's actually going to look. That's why some people don't scrub at all.
Not Cleaning the Body Scrubber after Using It
Another mistake many of us to is not cleaning and washing the body scrubber or sponge after using it. If you don't wash and dry these objects after using it, the dead skin cells and water inside are eventually going to grow harmful mold and bacteria.
Using a Towel For Too Long
Using towels is great, but remember not to use them for too long of periods. Using a towel or keeping it on your body for hours at a time can be harmful because the trapped moisture is going to help spread a lot of bacteria and other infections on your skin.
Don't Use Your Soap Too Much
While the soap is a great invention that has saved millions of lives over the centuries, someone people overuse their soaps, and sadly, doing this can have a bad effect on your health. If you overuse soaps, you can make them eventually ineffective for treating some of the germs on your skin.
Using Deodorants or Anti-Bacterial Soaps
While everyone loves using a deodorant after showering so that you can smell better, it is important to note that most brands of deodorants contain chemicals, which be leeching moisture out of your body. That's how deodorants stop your body from forming nasty odors.
Bathing Immediately after Exercise
Although bathing after exercise can make you feel better and more refreshed, according to doctors, it is better to wait an hour or so after you are done with your workout. The reason for this is that our bodies are too hot after exercising, and the cold water can have a shocking effect.
Not Applying a Moisturizer Soon Enough
Another thing many people seem to be doing wrong is waiting for too long to apply a moisturizer after bathing. You've probably noticed that your skin is dry after showering - so, to prevent further drying out, you should not wait for more than 3 minutes after you've finished bathing to apply your moisturizer.
Not Using a Conditioner after Your Shampoo
Using a conditioner after you shampoo your hair is a very important thing to do - especially if you have medium or long hair. Not using a conditioner means that your skin is going to look duller, and you are going to skip out on all the other benefits from using a conditioner.
Skipping the Foot Scrub
Our feet spend a lot of time in our shoes, meaning a lot of different germs and bacteria can grow on them. That's why it is important not to skip out on washing and scrubbing your feet every time you go to the shower.
Leaving Your Loofah in the Shower
Using a loofah has been a lifesaver for millions of people around the world - especially those that don't like using a sponge, or that find sponges inefficient. One word of caution - a loofah needs to be cleaned and dried out after use, otherwise, it's going to become dirty and smelly.
Don't Wash Your Hair Every Day
Some people love having clean and shiny hair so much, that they try to wash their hair every day. Unfortunately, that is a bad idea. Most people should wash their hair only twice per week, while with curly hair need to wash it once a week.
Not Washing After a Workout
In one of the previous paragraphs, it was mentioned that you should not shower immediately after a shower, as that can be unhealthy. Similarly, not washing at all after a shower can be bad, due to the harmful germs that can grow on your skin, which has been "moisturized" during your workout.
Taking Long Showers
Similarly how scrubbing and using a towel for too long periods of time can be bad for your skin's quality, showering for too long, and especially with hot water, can be equally bad for your skin. According to doctors, you shouldn't shower for longer than 5-10 minutes.
Not Having a Cold Shower
According to many recent studies, having a cold shower, or at least blasting yourself with some cold water at the end of a hot bath, has been linked to an improved immune system, as well as increased tolerance to stress, increased fat burning, and anti-depressant effects.


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