15 Kissing Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid

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Cole Damon November 22nd 2017 Lifestyle
Kissing is the initiation process which takes your relationship to the next level. If done right, it can set the right mood for the rest of your day, but if done poorly, it can send the wrong signals. The signals are all that matter in this case. Here are 15 of the worst kissing mistakes which many couples are guilty of.
Forgetting to breathe
Try not to choke yourself to death the next time you awkwardly lip lock your partner. You need to prioritize your lungs before all that kissing. Additionally, by pulling apart you can actually stare into their eyes - which can be very romantic.
Too much tongue action
Tongues aren't the main part of a kiss. Some couples however take it to the next level by shoving it up each other's faces. The result is awkwardly being stuck in a disturbing battle of lip locks.
Don't chomp down on their lips
You've seen it in the movies. How the woman bites down on her lover's lips while she caresses his buttocks. Some women however feel the compulsive need to bite down on the poor man's lips. This dangerous habit can lead to an infection later on.
Don't put too much lipstick
All that lipstick will look extremely awkward on your face once he begins to rub his lips on to yours. Try to wear lipstick in moderation, or don't wear them at all if you anticipate an intense love making session.
Oral hygiene
No matter how much he's into you, if your oral hygiene is in a complete mess, he would probably regret ever having come near the unbearable stench of your mouth. Brush your teeth regularly and keep a pack of gum handy just in case.
Garlic breath
The wrong foods can bring about all kinds of disgusting odors in your mouth. Your goal should be to avoid eating foods stuffed with garlic and onion otherwise you will definitely gross him out. There goes your relationship!
Too much dirty talk
While it's a good idea to spice things up a bit by talking dirty to the man. Going overboard with all that talking will completely kill the mood. As with the tongue action, moderation is key here.
Kissing way too fast
You're not seeing who gets to the finishing line first. It's something which happens in the spur of the moment, the speed and movement comes is something which comes naturally to you. Slow things down a couple of notches.
Dry like a desert
Having a wet mouth is one thing, having mouth flooded with saliva is an entirely different beast which can completely turn off your partner. Again moderation is key here. You need to strike a healthy balance between a dry and a moist mouth.
Not utilizing your hands
Some people just stand with their hands by their sides while others become too handsy. Either of these can completely kill the mood of the romantic setting. Instead, try to gently caress his neck while running your fingers through his back.
Too much eye contact
Staring while in the stance of a lip lock is a very creepy experience for both couples. The standard rules of acceptable eye contact during conversations also applies here. You need to make eye contact, shift it to the nose, then the lips.
Nose snot
If you have a runny nose, please keep a packet of tissues nearby because sooner than later, that snot is going to rub off on him and give him more than just the taste of your lips. It is the epitome of everything which is disgusting.
Don't push too deep down his throat
While it's extremely erotic to shove your tongue inside his mouth, going too deep can easily provoke a gag reflex, forcing him to puke all the contents of his breakfast into your face. The memory of someone throwing up on your face tends to linger for the long haul.
Holding your breathe
Some people become so passionate with their kisses that they almost strangle the other person. If he runs out of breath, you'll have to end up calling the ER and explain his sad state of affairs. You almost smothered him to death.
Using the same moves
Don't use the same moves over and over again. Variety is the spice of life as the saying goes, and you will need to spice things up by bringing in a host of kissing moves. Try latching on to his upper lip, then progress down to the lower lip. Rotating your strategy is key here.


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