Remember Maddie Ziegler From Those Sia Videos? This Is What She Looks Like Now

Gigi Cummings November 20th 2017 Entertainment
You might remember Maddie Ziegler from the TV show "Dance Mom's" where she was pushed and yelled at in a competitive dance troupe surrounded by a bunch of aggressively supportive moms. Or maybe you know her as the amazing little girl dancer form the music video for "Chandelier" by Sia. However you have come across Maddie, her dancing skills are sure to be the most noticeable thing about her. But now that she is a teenager and has matured, she is stunning fans with her poise and gorgeous good looks.
Right From The Start
Maddie began her career as a dancer when she was just two years old. This was the time that her mother put her in The Abbie Lee Dance Company. A company that was know for it's competitive troupe dancing and turning girls into future superstars.
Dance Mom's
After six years of perfecting her trade, Maddie appeared on Dance Moms, the reality TV show about the mothers of competitive dancers, when she was just 8 years old. Her talent wowed America and the show soon became a hit, where people everywhere watched these girls in awe.
Spotted By Sia
Sia was actually the one who contacted Maddie to be in her music video for Chandelier. Sia had seen Maddie on the tv show and was completely floored by her talent. She thought Maddie would be the perfect dancer and asked her to do the video through twitter.
Solo Act
Maddie was completely unaware that she would be the only dancer. She thought she was going to be the backup dancer, or part of a group of girls, not the star of the video. She also assumed she would be swinging from an actual chandelier in the video as well.
Elastic Heart
After her successful performance in Sia's first music video, she was then asked to be in Sia's second and more controversial music video for "Elastic Heart." She was dancing alongside Shia LaBeouf who she actually had to hit across the face during one of the scenes.
Cheap Thrills
Sia went on to then do a third music video with Sia, for her super popular hit, "Cheap Thrills" where Maddie donned the now infamous half balck/half blonde wig. Maddie continued to do shows and perform with Sia onstage after filming these three videos.
From Dancing To Acting
Feeling as if she had made a name for herself in the dancing world. Maddie decided to branch out and try her hand at acting. She has appeared in some of TV's most popular shows including, "Pretty Little Liars","Austin & Aly" and "Drop Dead Diva."
The Big Screen
Jumping quickly from television to the big screen, her newest project is a role in the feature film "The Book Of Henry" staring alongside Hollywood professionals such as Naomi Watts, Jacob Tremblay, and Dean Norris. This could mean a lot more acting in the future for Maddie.
From Contestant To Judge
In 2016 Maddie appeared as a judge for the widely popular dance competition show "So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation" she coached dancers alongside fellow judges and celebrity superstars, Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo. What a lead from being judged on TV to coaching others.
Celebrity Crush
Recently in an interview Maddie opened up about her first onscreen and real life kiss in one of her TV episodes. She admitted that while it was not as bad as she thought it would be, she would have wished that the receiver of the kiss was mega-hottie Zac Efron.
Stranger Friends
One of Maddie's good friends and co-child prodigy celebrity is Millie Bobby Brown from the hit Netflix series "Stranger Things" the two became good friends after Millie Bobby Brown admitted to Maddie that she was a huge fan of Dance Moms and had seen all the episodes.
Triple Threat
Not only is Maddie a superstar dancer, and now a promising young actress, but she has been working in the world of modeling for quite some time now. You can see her in extensive international campaigns for companies like Target and Ralph Lauren.
Tapped In
While Maddie seems to shine in everything that she does, she has regarded tap dancing as her favorite form of dance. Not only can she seem to do it all, but she has really grown up from her Dance Mom days and seems to be outshining every young star out there.
Charitable Heart
Maddie has found many philanthropic endeavors close to her heart that she is personally invested in. She has partnered with the Starlight Children's Foundation, Dancer's Against Cancer, and the Dizzy Feet Foundation, in hopes to help and heal others.
Influence For The Future
Although she is just a blossoming teenager, Maddie Ziegler has already made quite a name for herself. Time Magazine named her one of the "30 most influential teens" for two years in a row. I think that means we can expect to see a lot more of this budding beauty.


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