Facts About Blackheads and How To Remove Them

Emily Malone November 20th 2017 Lifestyle
At some point in life acne plagues almost everyone, and one of the most common manifestations of this issue are blackheads. These tiny little black dots go unnoticed most of the time because they tend to be about the size of a pin, but when they get out of control it can be wild. Here is a quick breakdown on acne, blackheads in particular, what you can do to treat it if you have it, and some before and after blackhead removal photos.
What Is A Blackhead?
A blackhead is a small type of acne that looks like a black bump. Blackheads are caused by clogged hair follicles, often with oil and or dirt, and most commonly appear on the face but can also be found on the back and chest. They are sometimes mistaken for freckles because of their size.
Who Can Get One?
Anyone with pores and or hair follicles can get a blackhead, which is to say that any person can get a blackhead. Some people's skin are more prone to these little buggers than others, which is usually due to their genes or cleaning habits.
There Are Lots Of Different Ways To Treat Them
If you are one of those people prone to getting blackheads just know that no matter how bad they might seem or how big they get, there are a bunch of different ways to treat blackheads from DIY cheap home remedies to intense expensive medical options.
Simple And Natural Solutions Are Always The Best
Before you go for the big guns it is always best to give something natural a try. By avoiding using harsh chemicals you avoid accidentally damaging your skin and you help to not add to the toxic market of products that are damaging to the environment
Sometimes It Will Be Tempting To Pick
The hardest part of having acne is remembering not to pick at it. It is seriously tempting to try to squeeze out the acne on your own, there's something weirdly satisfying about it. But for the benefit of your skin in the long run it is better to leave the spots alone.
Tools You Can Use
If you absolutely insist on picking on your acne, then make sure you are using all of the right tools for it. You can get a kit like this at almost any major drugstore, and each attachment is designed to help you tackle a different type of blemish.
Special Strips For Blackheads
In addition to the metallic tools for general acne removal, you can also get strips that are specially designed to remove blackheads. Most strips like this are designed to be put on the nose, because that is where blackheads most commonly occur.
If It Is Severe You Might Need Professional Help
If you have tried at home treatments, acne removal tools, blackhead removal strips but are still finding yourself plagued by acne, it might be time to seek out professional help. Your go to in this situation should be a dermatologist who specializes in this type of treatment.
Dr. Pimple Popper To The Rescue
It might be surprising to some who are grossed out by this kind of thing, but there is actually a doctor who has become famous for her videos removing some of the grossest pimples out there. Her real name is Dr. Sandra Lee, but she goes by Dr. Pimple Popper, and she is based out of Southern California.
The Best Treatment? Prevention
The simple and most obvious prevention step you can take is to wash your face before your pores become clogged. Other good steps are to remember to exfoliate, and use moisturizer if your skin is prone to dryness.
There Are Acne Risk Factors
In an unfair twist some people are actually just born with bad skin that will make them more prone to acne. Other things that can increase your likelihood of getting acne are forgetting to shower after exercise and picking at what acne you do have.
Best Ways To Prevent Acne Before It Happens
The biggest one has been mentioned in the last couple slides, but to reiterate it is to frequently shower or wash your face!!! Next best is to not put anything, like makeup, on your skin that could end up clogging the pores on the skin.
Break It Down To The Basics
If you want to get down to the littlest detail of how you can be fighting acne, your diet can play a huge role in that. Imbalances in the pH levels of the skin can be a cause of acne and changing your diet to correct a pH imbalance is a good way to combat acne at the root.
Before And After Blackhead Transformation
The difference between these two photos of an acne afflicted woman are amazing! One was taken before any treatments occurred, the second after the woman went through a couple of extraction treatments and the skin was given time to recover.
There Are Lots Of Them Out There
This is a before and after of a much less dramatic but equally impressive removal treatment. This time the acne was just blackheads and there still appears to be some redness and inflammation around the area but it is looking much better!


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