15 Physical Features Men Are Attracted To In Women

Do you have them?
Harriet King November 17th 2017 Lifestyle
As it turns out, there's a lot of things men find attractive about women (though most ladies could have told you that without studying the scientific research). As mammals, our biological purpose on this earth is to find a mate and create tiny humans with them. While we've kind of grown out of that way of thinking in this modern world, our primal instincts still remain and have a huge impact on what we find physically attractive in our partners.
A High-Pitched Voice
The data is in and the results are a little surprising. We all thought the sexy husky voice would be a favorite, but studies have shown that men actually prefer a high-pitched voice. Apparently, this is because men found it more youthful and associated it with a smaller frame.
Wearing Red
Wow - now it's clear why there are so many songs, movies, and books about women in red dresses! But it's not just dresses they love, even a bit of red lipstick will do the job. This was also true for other animals, so it's a very primal attraction indeed.
Wide Waist-To-Hips Ratio
If the success of the Kardashians has shown us anything it's that tiny waists and big hips are ultra-attractive to men. The biological reason for this is that large hips indicate a woman's appropriateness for childbearing. Doesn't sound so sexy now!
A Good Smile
Smiling at someone has been a friendly and sometimes flirtatious gesture since time began. It's no wonder men are attracted to a lovely set of pearly whites. Is this the reason they keep telling us to smile in the street?
Less Makeup
Studies have proven time and time again that men are more physically attracted to a natural look with less cosmetic products involved. If you're looking to hook a guy, it's a good excuse to stop spending all that cash on makeup!
Dark Hair
Apparently blondes have more fun, but maybe it's because they don't have to worry about too many men hitting on them! Another surprising result from surveys revealed that most men actually prefer brunettes. We genuinely weren't expecting a revelation like this.
Arm Length
This just seems like another thing we'll have to add to our list of insecurities - now men are judging us on arm length! According to studies, long and slender arms were preferred by men when they were shown pictures of different women.
Large Breasts
In a result that will shock absolutely no one, it has been confirmed that men like big boobs. In fact, it's the first thing they studied when shown photos of various women as part of the research. Again, no surprises there!
Shiny Hair
Hair that looks healthy, shiny, and long rated high on the list of physical features men find attractive. In primal times, it was a sure sign of good health, as well as fertility, which was all the rage back then.
Men tend to love the taller ladies, but science still isn't quite sure what the reason for this is. Based on the rest of this list, it's probably down to some sign that taller women are more likely to pop out babies more efficiently!
Features Like Their Mom
This is obviously down to the individual dude, but research has shown that men tend to be attracted to women with similar physical features as his mom. This could be down to familiarity, or a primal need to pass on similar genes.
Full Lips
Another non-surprise here! No wonder lip fillers, such as Botox, are so popular. You can even buy spiced lip gloss to pump up the volume these days. Full lips are another sign of health and fertility, which explains why men love them so much.
Good Grooming
It turns out that grooming and how you generally hold yourself, e.g. posture, are also important to men. Self-care routines, such as cleaning yourself and making yourself presentable to the world are signals that you're healthy and a good potential mate.
Blue Eyes
Before all the brown-eyed girls get worried, we should mention that it's only men who also have blue eyes that are more attracted to women with blue eyes. This is because it's a recessive gene and the only way for it to be passed on for sure is if both parent have blue eyes.
A Cute Head Tilt
Men love a good head tilt, and it seems the ladies are already well aware of this point. How else can you explain the countless number of social media selfies with extreme head tilting going on? We don't really know why this is true, but we agree it looks cute!


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