15 Most Nope-Worthy Photos Floating Around The Internet

Gigi Cummings November 15th 2017 Weird
Some people go throughout their lives, blissfully unaware of all the horrors and "nope" moments that can be lurking around every corner, ready to pop out at any moment and send chills down your spine. There are other people who come across these situations more often then they would like and document them for the whole world to see and crumble at the sight. Here is a list of some of the most cringe worthy, run screaming to other other room, jump out of your skin moments that will be seared in your mind forever.
This Tiger Fish
This giant fish was pulled out of a lake. A nice little sweet lake where you can go for a lovely little dip and then this creature can come up and literally bite your body in half. I'd prefer to swim with sharks. This is a huge "nope" and I will stay away from water forever.
A Friend From Above
You get into your car, you turn it on, your pump up the tunes and you drive off into the distance, without a worry or a care. When the sun starts to get a little bright in your eyes your reach up and fold down your visor so that you can see better. You don't usually check your visor, but now you will.
Just A Quick Shower
After a long day or work and maybe even a hearty workout, nothing feels better than pulling your body into a hot steaming shower. Except when this is your shower. If this is your shower then you probably won't get any cleaner in it, in fact you may get dirtier.
Sunday Funday
On a beautiful Sunday morning, you want to do something to brighten your heart and soul and the be a part of the community. This sign seems like a promising way to spend a lovely little Sunday. At a county fair... doing meth. Doing shady meth. I'll pass thanks.
A Morning Cup Of Joe
What is better in the morning than waking up, and first thing brewing a nice cup of hot delicious coffee. Sometimes we can't even function in the morning without it. Next time you go to take a sip of your morning coffee, you might want to take a look in your cup first.
Stop And Smell The Flowers
You ever wander around a park and just stare and marvel at how lovely all the flowers are? Makes you want to stop and put your nose in one of them and catch a big whiff. But be careful of bees, and be even more careful of camouflage spider eating bees!
A Winter Visitor
The morning after a winter snow storm is one of the most peaceful and beautiful moments. Everything is quiet and covered with a layer of snow, makes you want to go out for a nice long walk. Or if you see this, makes you want to hide inside all day with a gun.
Happy Fathers Day!
Why go through all of that pesky insurance paperwork and the hassle of booking appointments when you can basically watch a youtube video to learn how to do anything. This "do it yourself, Vasectomy" kit is the perfect gift for your aging father this holiday.
The Healthy Snack
It's the middle of the day and your stomach is grumbling, what are you going to do? Thank goodness you brought a snack pack of raisins to much on while you answer all those boring work emails. One of those raisins seems a little extra crunchy, thats because, whoops.
Just Hanging Around
Some people are just wild adrenaline junkies who are constantly chasing the next rush. Whether it is dirt biking, white water rafting, or sky diving. But this person is taking the whole "rush" thing a little too far, hanging out in the air without a parachute, no thank you.
A Tree Hugger
When it's love, it's love. I suppose that is true for most people. But for some, the things they try to pass off as love is interesting to the point of completely ridiculous. This women claims she is in love with a tree and it's the best sex she has ever had, I am going to say "nope."
High Rise Flying Spiders
When you read comics or watch movies that are a bit sci-fi and have some sort of creepy aliens or giant spiders, you get a bit freaked out but then the movie ends and you can say to yourself, "thank goodness that isn't real." And then we learn about high rise flying spiders.
Extra Flavoring
There are health standards in the states for a reason. We do not want to contaminate the food we eat. But sometimes all rules and regulations get thrown out the window and you just have to hope to the heavens that you won't be pooping your brains out for the next three days after consuming that weird pastry for that smelly bodega.
Too Close For Comfort
There is a phenomenon most people experience when they get too close to the edge of a cliff where they are afraid they will just spontaneously throw their body off of it in a totally uncontrollable moment. It's normal because it keeps you AWAY from cliffs. So this is a huge giant "nope."
Some Extra Clean Teeth
This little cuddly and creepy crawly creature is just trying to hang out to make sure your get the deepest clean possible. Too bad his millions of long legs are the stuff of nightmares and i would rather wash my teeth with rocks and dirt than have this guy close to my mouth.


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