The Wonderful Evolution Of Obama's Daughters Over The Years

Cole Damon November 14th 2017 Entertainment
Barak Obama is quite inspirational for not only Americans but on a global scale as well. His lifestyle, his family and even his wife is quite a motivation for everyone around the world. Michelle Obama has become a beacon for women of all ages and now their two daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama have taken the spotlight. They're nothing short of perfect and have grown to become beautiful young ladies. Let's have a look at their transition:
A beautiful family
From the start, they have taken over the title of being the perfect family. This picture is the best depiction of it. From the very beginning, the two daughters became the center of attention of their parents and that could be seen here:
From the beginning
Ever since they were little girls, they have always stood by their father's side, witnessing and observing every milestone that took place. The girls have been the apple of their parent's eyes, making them proud with every step they took.
So much support
It was their undying love and support for their dad that took him to great lengths. This picture perfectly shows the moment they wait around, listening intently to Obama and showing their support for him. That's all a father needs!
Through all the struggle
Life in the White House was not easy, especially for two girls growing up. But on an interview, Obama appreciated his daughters by saying, "They've handled it so well," he said. "They're smart and funny, but most importantly, they're kind."
Standing tall
Through all the highs and lows, the two girls stood tall and embraced all the things that life had to offer them with courage and strength. It really shows what great daughters the couple, Barak Obama and Michele, raised up.
Showing pride
Barak Obama has often talked about how proud he is of them by saying, "Sasha and Malia, before our very eyes you're growing up to become two strong, smart, beautiful young women, just like your mom. And I'm so proud of you guys."
Because nothing comes close to family
One thing's certain, there's absolutely nothing that comes close to family and this picture is the perfect depiction of that. Holding on together, you can see how close the two sisters are to their parents just like any other average home.
Following the footsteps
You can see how well they follow in the footsteps of their parents. While other kids are out there enjoying their youth, these girls are looking out for the betterment of the society. They're truly the inspiration for millions around.
The human element
That doesn't mean they don't have time to be normal, here you can see the girls really getting bored while waiting desperately to go home. Just goes to show you, just because they're part of royalty, doesn't mean they lose their human touch!
Growing up
And somewhere in all of that glamour, they started to grow up. It's always heart breaking to watch your favorite people growing up because they change for the worse. With these girls, however, they manage to continue making us all very proud!
Keep on going
And they continue to show their support, no matter how much they want to go back home. Here we have it again; the girls showing that it's okay to be a little bit human. You can clearly see Sasha and Malia, standing beside their dad no matter what:
Picture perfect
And with that they continue to become the picture perfect family. These girls have slowly grown to become beautiful women slowly taking on the responsibilities that are being given to them. It's difficult to say goodbye to childhood but they do it with grace.
Showing support again
And here we see them showing their support to their dad once again. It's the perfect comparison to when they were kids except this time they're grown women, loving every minute. They're the perfect example of grace and power combined to one...
And a little bit of sass
Just because they're graceful doesn't mean they can't have sass. These girls can join their mother and show off a little bit of attitude better than anyone else. Just goes to show you, you don't have to lose your human-ness just because you're royalty.
Still the perfect family
Barak Obama mentions them saying, "Our kids are pretty smart. They understand that life won't always be perfect, that sometimes, the road gets rough, that even great parents don't get everything right. But more than anything, they just want us to be a part of their lives."


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