Signs That Your Boyfriend Is A Real Keeper And Not A Player

Is he a keeper?
Gigi Cummings November 13th 2017 Lifestyle
All of us women want to feel like we have hit the relationship jack pot when it comes to finding a guy to date. But it can be hard to tell if the guy you are dating is a player or a real gentleman at first. This is because most men will at least pretend to be the perfect man when they first start in a relationship until they get what they want. But by that time, it could be too late and you have already fallen. In order to avoid the heartbreak, here are some signs that the guy you are dating is the real deal and not a total player.
He Remembers The Details
If the guy you are dating seems to always take note of the small details about you and the relationship. It means that he is not looking for other options, but instead paying attention to everything that is you. The guy who continues to surprise you with the little things is the real keeper.
He Is Proud Of You
When you are about someone, it is natural to want to love what they love and want the best for them. Taking on these shared interests means that every accomplish you make, not matter how small, will be a source of pride for the man that you are seeing.
He Checks On You
When a guy has a true interest in being with you, you will always be on his mind. He will make an effort to call you and check in on you when you aren't near him because his well being is always going to be on his mind. While a guy who isn't interested will think of other things.
You Feel Comfortable Around His Friends
If a guy is really committed to being with a girl, he will want to make it as easy and fun as possible to integrate her into his friend group. If you feel very comfortable and at ease when you are with his friends, it is because he has put his effort in to make it that way and his friends care.
He's Not A Pervert
There may be times when his cheeky sense of sexual humor is sometimes cute and funny in public. But there is a very firm line, and if he crosses that line and acts like a pervert in front of other people, or is rude and sexually aggressive, he does not respect you or women.
He's A True Gentleman
Even if it is not technically "cool" to be very chivalrous in this current culture. A good man will not care about being "cool" and will make sure to always be a true gentleman to you and everyone that you care about. By opening doors, and treating you with respect, he is putting you above the rest.
You Can't Stop Gushing About Him
If he is a really good guy, he will be on your mind all of the time. The way he treats you, the kind things that he does - they will all be qualities that you cant help but gush about to your friends. A real keeper is one of those guys you can't believe is in your life, almost too good to be true.
He Always Surprises You
He wants to continue to find ways to make you smile and brighten your day. So he will plan lots of little surprises in your life in hope it will do just that. He wants to watch your face light up when you get that bouquet of flowers, so his surprises are always sweet.
He Waits While You Shop
Your guy might not be the most excited to join you for an all-afternoon shopping extravaganza, but he won't complain or rush you along. He will sit and wait patiently while you shop and do all the errands that you need to do. And will be happy that you aren enjoying yourself.
He Trusts You
You don't feel like that you have to hide things from his because you don't. He trusts you completely and doesn't hide anything from you, so you don't have to hide anything from him. Trust is the most crucial element in the relationship and he will make it a priority.
He Wants To Impress Your Family
Your family is who shaped you and who have been there for you for your whole life. A good guy will understand this and want to be a part of your family. He will put in the effort to make a good impression on them in order to make you happy and be a part of your life.
He Respects Your Needs
Sometimes you go through a hard time in your life, where your sexual desires are put on the back burner due to stress. A good guy will understand that and want to help you through it while never making you feel pressured to have sex or shame you for feeling that way.
He Supports Your Dreams
Maybe you have always wanted to travel around the world, or take a leap of faith and start a new career on the other side of the country. He won't hold you back, he will want to support you and if it's the real deal, he will want to be a part of those dreams and follow you.
He Wants To Share Everything With You
Every funny little meme, or silly situation that he finds himself in, he wants to instantly capture it and share it with you. This is because in his mind, you are the person he wants to be with and share with. You are what matters to him, so when he does this, it means something.
He Remembers Your Birthday
This might seem like a no brainer, but it's more than just remembering your birthday. It's celebrating who you are and the person he really cares about. if he really cares, he will take the time to make that day extra special for you so that you two can make memories together.


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