Signs He Doesn't Love You For Who You Are But Only For Your Physical Assets

Ladies, be CAREFUL
Gigi Cummings November 13th 2017 Lifestyle
When you are with your guy, do you feel like he doesn't really listen to anything you are saying? Would he rather watch TV or play video games instead of spending time with you, but the minute you two are out with his friends he has his hands all over you, parading you around like some kind of trophy? If this sounds like your day to day in your relationship, there is a chance that you man is less interested in being with you than he is about using your assets as a way to show you off to the world. Here are some signs he only loves your for your assets.
He Demands A Lot Of Space
Does Your boyfriend seem like he needs so much personal space that it's almost as if he leads a completely separate life? If you feel like he is constantly needing his alone time to be his own person, he might not be emotionally invested in the relationship.
He Starts Comparing You To Other Girls
If he begins to compare your physical appearance to other women, it's likely that he only cares about how your physically look and how you are perceived to other people in his life. He doesn't care about what you want. He is more concerned about how he looks with you.
He Takes A Long Time To Reply Back
When you two just started dating, you were constantly going back and forth texting and chatting with each other. Now that he feels like he has you on lock down, he doesn't need to put in the effort as long as you are looking good, he has got you on the hook.
He Starts Spending His Time Away From You
Does your guy seem to jet off on unexpected trips at any chance he can get? If this is the case, he most likely wants to try and distance himself from you because he doesn't want to put effort into the relationship, but doesn't want to let go of having you when he wants you.
He's Extremely Selfish In The Relationship
If you feel like he is getting more and more selfish within the relationship everyday, he probably feels unhappy and trapped in the situation. Instead of breaking it off, he is going to let it linger and drag you along as long as he still gets what he needs from you.
He Avoids Deep Conversations
When you two do get a chance to spend some time together, he doesn't seem to want to connect with you on a very deep level. If he skimps on the conversation and always manage to find more important things on his phone, or avoid the conversation, he isn't committed
He Never Says "I Love You"
When the two of you first started dating, he seemed like he was crushing on you so hard that you were always on his mind. After you both said I love you, the feelings seemed to fade. While the physical connection was still there, he doesn't return those three little words anymore.
He Doesn't Comfort You
When he is feeling good, he wants you to be around to feel it and enjoy with him. When he is feeling horny, he wants you to be there to fulfill those needs too. But when you aren't feeling you best self, he always seems to be able to avoid the situation and you are left alone.
He Tells You What To Wear
When you two are going out for a night on the town. He doesn't care about what your fashion opinion or style is, he wants to you to wear what he wants because he really only cares about what you look like when you two are together. Be aware of this manipulative situation
He Will Criticize Any Image Changes
When you get a new haircut, or want to try out a new look, your boyfriend is the first to criticize this change if it is not up to his personal idea of perfection. If he is only interested in your looks, then he won't care about who you want to be and won't be understanding of any change.
He Takes No Interest In Your Hobbies
If the two of you only really have a sexual chemistry to enjoy in your relationship, he isn't going to care about what you hobbies or passions are. If his only priorities are to continue to hook up with a hottie, your love of painting is going to be his last priority.
He Keeps Tabs On Your Weight
At any point in a persons life, depending on what is going on, their weight might fluctuate and they might lose or put on weight because of many different reasons. If he seems to be keeping tabs on your weight, he won't be sympathetic to any of the things going on in your life.
He Only Compliments Your Looks
If you accomplish a great achievement in your career, or your own personal development, he won't be willing to give you a compliment unless it is in regards to your looks. Be aware that this type of behavior is a sign that he only has one priority when it comes to you, how you look.
He Influences Your Beauty Regimen
At first when the two of your started dating, his little gifts of trips to the spa seemed really sweet. Now he seems to demand that you stick with a strike beauty regimen and is constantly pushing you to spend money on maintaining a certain standard of beauty.
He Controls What You Eat
You two like to live a healthy lifestyle, and most of the time it feels normal to be a part of each others eating habits. But if he starts to cross the line of controlling what you eat and to shame you for eating things that you want. He may be concerned you might lose your looks.


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