Melania Trump's Shocking Story From Rags To Riches

Incredible transformation
Ian Anglin November 12th 2017 Entertainment
A few years ago, Melania Trump wasn't in the public spotlight. She was the wife of American billionaire and showman Donald Trump, but other than her modeling career, not much was known about her. That all changed after Trump got elected as the president of the United States. Today, large parts of Melania's history been explored by journalists, showing her unique rags to riches story. She was born in a humble family in Yugoslavia, but today she is First Lady.
Born in Yugoslavia
Melania was born on April 26, 1970, in Novo Mesto, Yugoslavia. Since her birth, Yugoslavia has officially disbanded, switching her country of origin to Slovenia. The above photo shows her during a mid-1970s children's fashion show. Who would have known that this little girl would be the First Lady of the US?
Becoming a Model
In 1987, Melania was just 17 years old and was near the beginning of her adolescence. She always had a dream of becoming a model, which is why you see the above photo of her, doing modeling work at such a young age. The photographer is Stane Jerko.
18-Years Old
A year later, Melania was 18-years old, and she signed her first contract with a modeling agency. The agency was located in Milano, Italy, and that's when her career really started to take off. But, it was not yet her time to come to the States.
10 Years Later
10 years later from the previous photo, we can see a photo of a 28-year old Melania. That's the time when she first met her future husband, Donald Trump. The pair met at a Fashion Week in New York in the year 1998.
Pursuing Her Modelling Career
In 1999, one year since meeting Donald Trump, Melania continued to pursue her modeling career. In that year, she also appeared on the cover of Ocean Drive magazine, which was a great achievement for her future career progression.
Continuing the Relationship with Donald Trump
During the same year, 1999, Melania's relationship with Donald Trump continued to grow. She was seen appearing at the 27th Annual Fifi awards. The above photo is of her during the event. Even back then, she still had an awesome fashion sense.
The New Millennium
The above photo was made at the beginning of the new millennium, in the year 2000. During that year, she continued to grow her modeling and fashion career, and she started appearing in even more photo shoots and multiple popular magazine covers.
VH1 Awards
During the same year (in 2000), Melania appeared at the VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards. She looked stunning in the long white dress. You can also notice how humble her makeup is, while also highlighting all the good angles on her face.
A Younger Donald Trump
Here we have a photo with Donald Trump in 2000. He is much younger in this photo, but interestingly, he looks quite similar even today, almost 18 years later. Donald was still married to Melania Knauss at the time this photo was taken.
Getting Closer Together
Trump and Melania continued to expand their relationship and were seen together at the 73rd Annual Academy Awards in March 2001. They both look rather happy together, which probably made Trump's wife (Melania Knauss) jealous. Knauss and Trump eventually separated.
Refining Her Style
During the early 2000s, Melania continued to refine and improve her style. You can see her growing up in this 2003 photo, taken during the opening of a flagship store in New York City. It is almost impossible to compare her to her earlier photos taken as a young girl.
Getting Engaged with Donald Trump
Melania got engaged to Donald Trump in 2004, and she appeared in a 2005 issue of Vogue in a $200,000 wedding gown. The wedding gown was designed by John Galliano, and it looks absolutely amazing on her - it completely suits the contours of her body.
Flashing the Engagement Ring
In 2005, Melania and Trump finally got married. She changed her name to Melania Trump and was seen flashing her engagement ring during the same year. The above photo of her and the ring was taken during the US Weekly's Young Hollywood Hot 20 event.
Giving Birth to Baron
Finally, on March 20, 2006, Melania gave birth to the couple's son, Barron William Trump, one of the successor's to Trump's empire. The above photo was taken in January 2007, when Melania was supporting Trump as he was receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
The Beginning of Trump's Political Career
In 2014, Donald Trump officially began his political career. As always, his faithful wife and partner Melania, was there to support him. Eventually, Donald Trump succeeded in getting the GOP nomination and won the bid to become the President of the United States, which made Melania First Lady.


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