Fitness Mom Miraculously Loses All Body Weight Immediately After Having Twins

Cole Damon November 9th 2017 Inspiration
Pregnancies take a physical toll on women for the entirety of the 8 months they carry their little fetus inside. And right before the day of delivery, a mother's stomach bloats up enormously and unless a caesarian section is performed, it can be quiet painful. Post-pregnancy is also hard on most mothers, they tend to gain weight and lose their toned body. But not this mom who worked out to get back in shape!
Meet Sonya Davison
Sonya Davison is a television host based in Singapore who posted a picture which showed off her well toned body in contrast to the day before delivery of her twins. The entire internet was taken by a storm as they drooled over her chiseled body.
The transformation took three weeks
The mother of two said it took her just three weeks to get back in shape. But make no mistake the woman worked extra hard both in the gym and the kitchen. Maintaining discipline is not easy.
She is not afraid to breastfeed in public
Breastfeeding in public continues to be a widely contested issue which has managed to both spark outrage from watchdog groups and gain appreciation from feminist groups. By breastfeeding her little toddlers in public, she will yet again make the headlines.
The secret to her transformation
Amazed by her dramatic transformation in just three weeks, people asked Sonya what her secret was. "A year ago I made my husband a promise to pretend to still love my body after I gave birth because I thought it wouldn't be possible to get my body back."
"I thought it was impossible"
Like many other women who undergo pregnancies, Sonya also thought she could not bring her body back to pristine condition. "I was wrong" acknowledges the TV host. All it takes is sheer determination to help with your weight loss.
She worked out before the pregnancy
It helps that she used to work out before the pregnancy. "I had strong core muscles from doing high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts at home". Her strong background had already set the stage for making things easier when she finally became pregnant.
She used to eat in portions
Unlike many women who claim they're 'eating for two'; Sonya claims she would eat in small portions and only enough to keep herself and the twins well fed for good growth. This means she gained very little weight.
Small weight gain
"I gained mostly on my tummy, so I only had to lose that extra weight." Says Sonya. The fact that she only had to work out on her torsos made it surprisingly easy to get back in shape.
Instagram selfies
The new mom of two beautiful twins frequently shares picture of herself all clad in bikinis to show off her well maintained body. Sometimes she's seen breastfeeding her kids and at other she's strolling around her husband.
Everyone has a different body
Sonya does admit that what worked for her might not work for someone else. "Everyone has a different body but this is what worked on me." One size definitely does not fit all; this is why women should consult nutritionists.
Weight gain
Weight gain is an inevitable part of any pregnancy, especially when it involves twins. And some women actually use it as an excuse to fuel their increased cravings for food. They munch their way to bliss until they fatten up.
Post pregnancy
Post pregnancy, everyone starts wondering where exactly their beauty has gone. In fact a study published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology found that most women retain the weight gain they experience during their pregnancies, which is only mitigated slightly by breastfeeding.
Weight gain depends on BMI before pregnancy
According to the American Pregnancy Association, the weight gain directly depends on a woman's body mass index (BMI). For instance if it is between 18 and 25, they can gain weight 24 to 26 pounds during their pregnancy. When twins are involved, the numbers are much higher.
What to do if you have gained weight
Your body needs time to recover from the having a baby. So you should not go on a full fledged died just yet. Start on an intensive regime but only after a few weeks have passed, but it is important to make a habit of eating sensibly.
What foods to eat
Include plenty of fiber rich foods such as oats, grains, lentils and seeds in your meals. Also make use of foods such as bread, rice and pasta which have plenty of fiber. Definitely avoid fatty and sugary foods or you'll only gain more weight.


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