15 Photos of Beyonce She Probably Does Not Want You To See

Cole Damon November 8th 2017 Entertainment
Beyonce Knowles also known as Queen B is the most known name of the English music industry. She is celebrated for her unique music, her elegance, and exotic beauty. Often, her name is said with a lot of respect and her successes/happiness's are celebrated by people all around the world. However, even this beauty diva has proved that not all angles are flattering and not everyday is the best. Beyonce has been captured in ways that make her look very unlike her; therefore, she wants those pictures to be kept undercover. Today, we will reveal the bad side of Queen B.
Are You in Formation?
Before beginning, you need to embrace yourself because some pictures might chance your perspective of Beyonce. Although, no one can ever take her place and she will always be iconic, some of her mishaps make us realize how human she really is.
Calm Down Wind.
When she was attending Rihanna's Diamond Ball in NYC, Beyonce was seen wearing an emerald green thigh high dress. This dress had a slit in front that made it harder to control. When she got off the car, sudden wind hit her and her spanx were revealed. Oops.
Too Excited
During her Lemonade Tour, Beyonce took a tumble down the stairs during the opening of the concert. However, since she is known as a queen, she quickly got up; wiped herself and continued performing as if nothing went wrong, some did not even notice what happened.
Unpleasant Expressions
Yes, like ordinary human beings, Beyonce has some expressions that she is unable to pull off. The expression photographed in this picture is one of the most famous Beyonce memes. However, the trolling does not stop here. Many of her expressions have been turned into memes.
Another One
Amongst the many unflattering expressions of Beyonce, this is a much-liked one. Similar to the first one, this expression has been turned into a meme as well. There is no surprise in why Beyonce would want the internet to take these images down.
No Makeup Looks
Just like the majority of females, Beyonce appears to be dull and raw without having make up on. Although, she does like to make appearances without having makeup on, but when her private pictures are leaked, she is not happy.
For Jay-Z Only
On her trip to Iceland in 2014, Beyonce's steamy photoshoot was leaked. Although these pictures are not as bad as they may seem, the singer was not happy when the world came to terms with them. However, Jay-Z (husband) was supportive of his wife all along.
Another Wardrobe Malfunction
While at her 32nd birthday, Beyonce was faced with another wardrobe malfunction, one which made people wonder who her stylist was! As she was trying to discreetly button herself up without attracting attention, her husband had his eyes on her though.
Stay Covered, Bey.
Unfortunately, when you are such a huge star, there is extra attention given to you. When Bey was getting off her car, a strong wind hit, exposing her undergarment, and making her feel extremely uncomfortable. It seems like the wind is not such a big Beyonce fan.
Intoxicated B
Queen B was caught in a very bad state. Paparazzi got into her car and captured her when she was drunk out of her mind. Even though her husband was by her side, she was captured in this state and the internet went crazy.
Acting is Not Her Forte
Beyonce learnt a lesson when she tried acting. She learnt that she can excel at singing, but acting is just not her thing. In 2001, she appeared in several films, but the lack of positive response caused her to stop acting.
She Photoshops?
Beyonce is known for her beauty, but if fans find out that she edits her photos before posting them, how would they feel? Photos of her have been leaked before being photoshopped and it has left fans in a grey spot. They just do not know how to feel anymore.
During her onstage interview, Beyonce's hair was stuck in the fan that was behind her. As painful it must have been the embarrassment that came along with it made Beyonce furious. This picture was supposed to be taken down, but no.
During her performance, Beyonce was attacked by a fan and security was needed as soon as possible. The eyewitnesses say that this man was sweaty and resembled Donald Trump, which made this entire situation even more awkward. Beyonce has SO many fans, HAHA.
She Is Superior
Since she is seen as a Queen, she appears to look like one as well. Beyonce is on a different level than the other legends of Hollywood and it seems as if she is also aware of this. She has definitely made her name and made a special place in many hearts.

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