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Cole Damon November 6th 2017 Entertainment
We all know that Miley Cyrus has had a rather tumultuous past. She was a successful Disney star, until the authorities on the channel decided that she was too old to be one. She got out of that and went out to wreck the world as a wrecking ball and then introduce the age of twerking. Throughout all this, she has been in and out of relationships and has seriously been part of the news for all the wrong reasons.
Staying in the News
Miley just doesn't like being out of the news. Sources close to her have recalled how she had rage fits on countless instances because she didn't make headlines on the morning paper lying beside her bed. Her infatuation with making the headlines is not something new.
Singing Won't Do It
Many sources have cited that Miley really has tough competition coming from people in the same field as her. You have to realize that her voice won't just cut it, she has to do numerous other things to just stay relevant.
Support for Gender Expansive People
Miley has not shied away from showing her support to gender expansive and transgender people on countless occasions. She has taken to her social media handles to let people know how much she adores them and would want to be a part of them.
She Broke the Internet
Breaking the internet is not a feat to be taken lightly. It is not every day that we see somebody or something really break the internet. Well, the latest tweet from Miley has really shattered the internet into pieces, as the public react to it.
The Tweet
Miley mentions in the tweet that she is really happy to have broke free after the long struggle of living in the body she was born with. This is the day that she has finally decided to break free and would love to know the new person he has become.
All of the grammar brigade looking to correct us calling Miley Cyrus should go back to their holes because that certainly was not a typo. Miley was extremely clear about how she would like people to refer to her as a 'he' from now onwards.
Deciphering the Tweet
Ever since the tweet came out, experts in our office have been trying to deciphering what the female prodigy actually means by this rather ambiguous tweet. Is she really going to do what the public had rumored to be true a few months ago?
Sex Change
The only feasible conclusion that can be made through what Miley posted on her twitter is that she wants to go under the knife and have a sex change. Yes, just like the Caitlyn Jenner transformation, but slightly different because the end result would be the opposite for Miley.
Overly Macho
Miley has previously said that she was extremely macho all through her childhood and teenage days. She believes that her real passion lies in identifying how it feels to be a man. "I have been a girl all my life, I want to be different."
The Butt was a Hint
People on twitter and other social media platforms have reacted in numerous ways to the declaration by Miley. Others found the funny side in the matter and mentioned that her small butt was a massive giveaway that she wanted to be a boy.
Billy Ray Cyrus
Billy Ray Cyrus, who is the birth father of Miley Cyrus, gave away a serious hint while talking to media a few months ago. He said that he might become a father of another son and wanted his daughter to be happy in her skin.
Time Would Tell
When asked what he meant, Billy took the safe way out and mentioned that time would answer all questions and would tell people what he meant. Well, time really has been true to its word and has spilled all the beans.
The Future for Miley
While Miley currently is a woman, the future for her seems rather dubious. Fans across the globe wanted to know more about her intentions and the sex change. Some die heart fans said they want to be in the room where the surgery will take place.
No Details Yet
Miley hasn't answered the details yet and has not corresponded with the media after the controversial tweet. Fans and media have a plethora of questions to ask regarding the sex change and want to know how the procedure will take place and how public it will be.
Best of Luck
Our team would like to wish the best of luck to Miley and would welcome him to the world of men, where balls can be a pain and you have hair all over your body. Imagine Miley jerking off as a man to her old pics as a hot female star. We will leave you at that.


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