15 Reasons Why Girls Only Love Bad Boys

Gigi Cummings November 6th 2017 Lifestyle
Men always seem to fall into two categories: "nice guys" and "bad boys". While men think that women will always prefer a "bad boy" this isn't necessarily the case. Women will go back and forth between the two types of men, but their bad boy experiences tend to make for more memorable moments. While I believe the ideal man is somewhere between the two categories, a lot of women will still find themselves wandering into the badlands following some guy who is no good for them. Men shouldn't strive to become a typical "bad boy" but if there are some traits to pick out as to why women tend to choose these men, here is the list.
Nice Guys Try Too Hard
Girls may like the attention from the nice guys at first, but after a while their agreeability and always nice personality can come off as not genuine. Girls don't necessarily want a guy to be mean to her, but she doesn't want a doting, drooling nice guy who does everything she asks.
Nice Guys Lack Self Respect
If a guy is a self proclaimed nice guy and he complains that women always seem to ditch him for the bad boy. It's probably because he has no spine and lets women walk all over him. There is nothing attractive about a guy with no thoughts or opinions of his own.
Nice Guys Are Predictable
The thing about a bad boy is that a girl will never know what kind of guy she is going to have to deal with that day. It makes things more interesting and a bit more fun. Nice guys can get into a predictable slump of being the person everyone wants them to be.
Women Want To Nurture A Bad Boy
It is in our biology, as women, to want to nurture and care for people. Bad boys make this easy because their tortured nature and "potential to be fixed" personalities make them intriguing projects for women. Although with an outcome that is usually not ending in our favor.
Women Want To Be Needed
Nice guys want to care for a woman, bad boys need to be taken care of. While the right guy will have a good balance of the two, women will tend to sway towards taking care of the bad boy rather than staying with the nice guy because we want to feel needed an important.
Nice Guys Seem Weak
There is a instinctual nature for women to want to be around a dominant man who gives off this "alpha male" quality and can protect us from harm. Nice guys can come off as too passive to be able to take care of a woman when she may find herself in need of protection.
Nice Guys Want Commitment
While women do eventually want a man to commit to them, nice guys seem to eager to jump the gun on the whole commitment thing. Women want to take things slowly just like men do and dating bad boys is way less of a long term commitment that they might want in the present moment.
Some Women Don't Know Their Worth
There is something about a bad boys attention that really attracts a woman with low self esteem. Women who place their self worth onto a man who is so unbalanced will keep going back to him like a drug. While a self assured woman will be ok with not needing the constant emotional push and pull.
Women Want Great Sex
Typically the bad boys are the ones who are going to be more adventurous and a little more daring in bed. While nice guys are going to be so concerned with making sure everything is perfect that the sex will often be boring and monotonous. Women want wild passionate sex, and bad boys deliver.
Bad Boys Are Hot
There is a particular swagger with bad boys that makes them infinitely more sexy than nice guys. While nice guys can still be attractive a bad boy has a cocky confidence that really turns up the heat. Women can't help but be mesmerized by the sultry sexiness of a bad boy.
Nice Guys Lack Charm
Nice guys usually bank on the fact they are nice, and agreeable and will do whatever to make the girl happy in order to keep a girl around. But bad boys don't need women, they charm women into needing them. And that charm is key to getting a woman to completely swoon.
Women Like Strong Men
This goes way back to our instincts and natural biology to want a physically strong man. Bad boys usually have a confidence about them because they are not afraid to get physical if necessary. Nice guys might hide in the background because they aren't as confident with their strength.
Women Want Competition
When a bad boy who has girls all over him all the time, chooses a woman, she feels like she has won some sort of competition. Because in her mind the bad boy is going to change for her. A nice guy who is willing to fall in love with anybody doesn't make it seem very special when he chooses a girl.
Bad Boys Take Risks
Often times a bad boy isn't going to be your typical guy. He is going to have an exciting job, drive a muscle car or a motorcycle and take risks in his life that make him more exciting to be around. Nice guys often take the path well known where their decisions are thoughtful calculated and predictable.
Nice Guys Don't Stand Up For What They Want
Most nice guys will take whatever happens to them in life and just let it happen. If the girl walks all over them, they will just let it happen. If someone disrespects them, they just let it slide. They don't stand up for what they want in life, and why would a woman want to be with a man who doesn't take control of their own life?


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