Do You Have These Dimples On Your Lower Back? If So, This Is What It Means

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Emily Malone September 27th 2017 Science
Every human body is different, even identical twins are not exactly alike! These differences are what makes a person physically unique, and everyone has different traits they find attractive. Some features are instantly visible; eye color, height, face shape. These key traits usually dictate the immediate physical reaction between people. However, there are other more subtle physical traits that can not only be physically attractive, but also tell about someone's health and physical abilities. Lower back dimples, named Venus Dimples, and one of those features. Not many people have them but those who do are more likely to possess other exciting traits as well.
How Does Trait Inheritance Work?
Everyone's natural physical appearance is based off of the combination of their parents genetics. Mendelian Genetics tells us that when a baby is developing its physical traits are carried in alleles that come from both parents. Some alleles are dominant, such as brown eyes or hair, meaning they are more easily passed on, while others are recessive, blue eyes or blonde hair. Back dimples are one of the more uncommon traits, meaning they are most likely a recessive allele.
The Lower Back Dimples Are Also Called Venus Dimples
Although they are commonly just called what they look like, 'lower back dimples' actually have two other names. The first is Venus Dimples, after the ancient mythological Roman goddess of love and many more things. The second is lateral lumbar indentations, which is their scientific name because they are on the lumbar, which is the lower portion of the back.
Named After The Goddess Of Love
Venus was the ancient Roman counterpart to the ancient Grecian goddess Aphrodite. Venus was the goddess of not only love, but also beauty, sex, and fertility. Although the practice polytheistic ancient Roman faith fell with the rise of Christianity, the image and idea of Venus continues to this day. This famous painting is called 'The Birth Of Venus' and was painted by Italian renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli.
Passed Down From Your Mother
As these lovely dimples are more often found on and associated with women, if you are a woman and you have them it was likely that this trait this trait was carried down from your mother to you. Additionally they are frequently considered to be an extremely attractive feature on women. Thanks mom!
They Draw The Eye
Since everyone does not have back dimples, when someone does it draws the eyes of those who see them. Although they are usually covered by clothing they can be shown of by wearing low-rise jeans, crop tops, and/or bikinis. Many people with this trait like showing it off because Venus dimples are widely considered to be an attractive, even sexy, feature.
Created By Shorter Ligaments
All of the hype around Venus Dimples begs the question, what causes them? The medical explanation for these dimples is a 'short ligament between posterior superior iliac spine and the skin.' In more common terms this means to strands of a type fibrous type of connective tissue attaches to both the spine and skin in those two spots, holding the skin that they are connected to nearer to the spine and thus creating the dimple look.
These Shorter Ligaments May Have A Purpose Beyond Sexual Pleasure
It is widely known that Venus Dimples are considered an aesthetically pleasing feature, but what isn't as well known is that they might also indicate other sexual benefits as well. Although there is little hard science to back it up, preliminary research sparks rumors that women with these dimples may have an easier time reaching orgasm during sex. Wouldn't that be a fun bonus?!
What Would Cause This Additional Sexual Pleasure?
The key is the tighter back ligaments. This attachment may influence the development and placement of bones in both the lower back and pelvis areas. The different placement of bones, ligature, and muscle may allow for better circulation, blood flow, in this region of the body. More bloodflow allowed more easier and more intense stimulation which could lead to a quicker climax.
Not A Guarantee Of Better Sex
The jury is still out on whether or not Venus Dimples actually do lead to easier orgasm, or better sex in any way. However, what is known for sure is that there are no negative effects leading from having them. So all of the people with them can rest assured that at the least this feature is very physically attractive, and hope for, what may be a placebo effect, of a better sex life.
Enhanced By Athletics
How visible a person's Venus Dimples are is dependent on their biology but can also be impacted by many other things. Factors such as weight, body type, and fitness level can have an impact on their visibility. To enhance them the easiest strategy is to exercise! Exercise leads to weight loss and strengthens the muscles in the back, both of which make back dimples more visible.
Men Have Them Too
Not only women have lower back dimples, men can have them too! However they are much less common in men, which is why they are a feature most commonly associated with being attractive on women. Men's lower back dimples are in the same place, and caused by the same type of ligament, as women's are. The only difference is instead of being called Venus Dimples they are called Apollo Dimples.
Named After The God Of Light And Sun
Apollo is another ancient Roman god, he is the god of sun, light, healing, and music. He was known as the physical representation of the idea of kouros, the epitomization of a handsome young athletic young roman man. Like Venus for women Apollo represented the perfect man in ancient Roman times.
Back Bends Might Be The Best Way To Naturally Enhance Them
If you are into the idea of having back dimples, for men or women, the best exercise for you to enhance them is back bends. There are a lot of different names for this exercise and several different ways to do it so make sure you look up a safe way to do it first so that you do not injure your back in the process.
They Can Be Artificially Enhanced, Too
If you already have defined back dimples, or if you don't but exercise is not your thing, and you want to make them more noticeable, a quick and easy way to make them stand out is getting them pierced. The downside of this approach is that like any piercing they are easily ripped or infected if not properly taken care of, and this piercing is regarded similarly to lower back tattoos, also known as tramp stamps.
Back Dimples Everywhere!
Now that you know a bit more about back dimples aka Venus Dimples aka Apollo Dimples you will start noticing them more out and about, in fact check in the mirror! You may have them and not even have noticed before. If you haven't thought about them take the time to consider, do you find them attractive? And if you like them, and have them, start to show them off!


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